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Accurate as of December 2021

GSquared Class Timetable

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am-7:30am - Awaken
7:15am-7:45am - G2 Motion (James)
8:15am-9:00am - Dynamic Pilates (Olivia)

6:15pm-7:00pm - G2 Ride (James)
7:10pm-7:50pm - Vinyasa Flow (Carly)
8:00pm-8:40pm - Restore

am-7:30am - Awaken
7:45am-8:30am - G2 Ride (Harry)
pm - Vinyasa Flow (Carly)

5:30pm-6:15pm - Dynamic Pilates (Olivia)
6:30pm-7:00pm - G2 Functional HIIT (Olivia)
6:50pm-7:30pm - Restore (Carly)

am-7:30am - G2 Motion
7:30am-8:30am - Awaken (Carly)
pm - G2 Ride (James)

6:00pm-6:45pm - G2 Ride (Harry)
7:00pm-7:40pm - Vinyasa Flow (Lena)
7:50pm-8:30pm - Restore (Lena)

am-7:10am - Awaken
7:30am-8:10am - Awaken (Lena)
pm - Dynamic Pilates (Olivia)

5:30pm-6:15pm - G2 Ride (Harry)
6:30pm-7:10pm - Vinyasa Flow (Carly)
7:20pm-8:00pm - Restore (Carly)

am-7:45am - Ride
7:15am-7:45am - G2 Motion (Olivia)
12:00pm-12:40pm - Vinyasa Flow (Carly)
pm-1:00pm - G2 Ride (Harry)

5:30pm-6:10pm - Restore (Carly)
6:00pm-6:45pm - G2 Strength HIIT (James)

am-9:10am - Awaken
9:20am-10:00am - Vinyasa Flow (Carly)
10:15pm-10:45pm - G2 Functional HIIT (Olivia)
am-11:55am - Restore (Carly)
12:15pm-1:00pm - Barre Burn (Amber)

am-10:00am - Restore
10:15am-11:00am - Restorative Barre (Amber)
10:30am-11:15am - G2 Strength HIIT (James)
am-12:00pm - Vinyasa Flow (Lena)
12:15pm-1:00pm - Barre Burn (Amber)

Class Descriptions

Set in the designated group fitness studio area within the gym, our group fitness model is an established, highly effective and structured form of training.

Led by Exercise Instructors with a proven track record in delivering consistent and solid results with the individuals who commit to the programme.


Wake up and flow with Awaken. Set the tone for the day ahead with this morning Vinyasa fullbodied flow that will leave you feeling energised and centred. Wake up your body with grounding poses, expansive stretches and strengthening transitions, all of which will enhance strength, energy and flexibility while creating a consistent morning yoga practice.

Vinyasa Flow

Prepare to strengthen and create space within your body as you flow through a soulful sequence. You'll find clarity on your mat as you are guided through intentional, dynamic movements. Expect heart-healing backbends, deep hip openers, hamstring stretches and core strengtheners. Designed to bring your body and mind back into balance, focusing on internal engagement, allowing you to flow with fluidity and grace, without fatigue. You'll leave feeling more empowered, energised and grounded.


Embrace this time on your mat moving low and slow as you settle into tension-relieving stretches. Restore contains a healing blend of Yin and Restorative yoga to soothe both body and mind. Whether it's recovery from an intense workout or unwinding from a hectic work week, these classes draw you out of the distractions of daily life, releasing deeply held stress and tension in the body. Let go, reflect and surrender into stillness.

Dynamic Pilates

Mat Pilates is one of the oldest and proven methods of developing core strength and stability. Through G2 Dynamic Pilates classes you'll sweat, strengthen and sculpt your body from the inside out. Challenging yet effective exercises engage your core muscles and develop heightened control over the most connected part of your body, the Powerhouse. In just a few classes, you'll not only feel the benefits, but notice the physical results too.

Restorative Barre

A mix of classical ballet with specific exercises and stretches that will sculpt and tone to create a lean physique. These types of movements also help to heal the mind, body, and spirit, easing pain and improving joint mobility through simple target movements, designed to enhance the flow of oxygen throughout the body.

Barre Burn

A total body barre workout, combining cardio bursts and dynamic stretching, with functional movements. Engaging slow twitch muscle fibres, combining low impact movements with high repetitions to the point of exhaustion, this full body burn will increase cardiovascular endurance

G2 Ride

Forget what you know about indoor cycling. Our signature G2 Ride is an unrivalled, high energy experience to set you up and supercharge your day. Elevate your heart-rate and ride your edge in this invigorating cardio class, before finishing with some stertching to alleviate the pattern overload.


We don't just have one standard HIIT class like most standard gyms, but instead 2 incredibly beneficial and functional HIIT classes to choose from.

Strength HIIT

Elevate your strength and ignite your metabolism with a collection of high-intensity resistance exercises designed to take your fitness to the next level. From strength supersets to bodyweight and cardio, this intense style of training works all 3 planes of movement. You'll keep the rest short and the intensity high with movements designed to get your body strong, tight and toned, all with impeccable posture.

Functional HIIT

Fun yet challenging, this workout will test your body from every angle. Based in our functional area of the gym and including our assault course, battle ropes, sleds and kettlebells, this class is an effective total-body 30 minute battle, designed to build strength and endurance, whilst pushing through your mental barriers.

G2 Circuits

Circuit training is a type of body conditioning that involves endurance, resistance and high-intensity aerobics performed in a circuit. Based on our gym floor, the G2 team will put you through your paces in this sweat provoking workout that targets strength building and muscular endurance.

G2 Motion

Completely individual and unique to G2, this workout offers an innovative form of training focusing on the functionality of exercise. Based in our Hybrid area of the gym, this class consists of 3 stations including our Free Motion cables, rowing machines and running track. Get ready for our G2 coaches to challenge you like you've never been challenged before, as you take on functional movement patterns designed to target and strengthen muscles that you may not have even known existed