Comprehensive Health Analysis

Also includes a Food Intolerance & Nutrient Deficiency Test

Do you want to understand why you feel the way you do, and get to the bottom of any health issues, so you can feel better and live a healthier, happier life?


What is a Comprehensive Health Analysis?

The Asyra Pro will indoicate the energetic state of internal organs, emotional stressors, hormonal balance, nutritional needs, environmental sensitivities, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, food allergies or intolerances, and so mcuh more!

You will discover why you feel the way you do, and you will also discover the best ways to resolve your issues or imbalances.

Check out some common health issues that can be resolves through bioenergetic testing...

✔Digestive Problems

e.g. constipation, bloating, IBS

✔ Overweight or underweight; difficulty losing weight

✔ Headaches and migraines

✔Persistent tiredness and lack of energy

✔ Joint aches and arthritis

✔Cardiovascular illness

e.g. high blood pressure

✔ Mood swings, depression and lack of motivation

✔ Frequent colds and infections

✔ Skin problems

e.g. acne, eczema, dry flaky skin

✔ Thrush and candidiasis

✔ Food sensitivities and adverse reactions

✔ Hormonal Imbalances

Food Test.png

How Does It Work?

The basic protocol consists of an energetic assessment of our major organs and systems. The advanced testing machine painlessly ‘pings’ the body with known frequencies of 1000’s of nutritional factors, pathogens as parasites, fungi and bacteria, cell salts, homeopathic remedies, herbs and more. Disturbances and dis-resonances are picked up on all levels, structural, biochemical, energetic and emotional. The Asyra then searches through its database, finds what it needs to restore the waveforms so that resonance occurs and reports back on your health status, in order of importance. It stops the ‘wobble’ so that our energies can be used more effectively!

The Comprehensive Health Analysis Involves The Following Tests:

✔ Food sensitivity and intolerance

✔ Allergy sensitivity profile

✔ Hormone profile

✔ GI food panel

✔ Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids

✔ Virus and bacterial profile

✔ Emotional stressors

✔ Dental resonance profile

✔ Toxic stressors

✔ Environmental sensitivity list

✔ Metabolic digestive profile

✔ Miasm influence

✔ Neurotransmitter profile

✔ Vertebrae profile

✔ Degenerative disturbance

✔ EFT profile

✔ TMJ stressors

✔ Pharmaceutical categories

✔ Constitutional influence

✔ Five elements

✔ Autism panel

You Will Receive...

Once your Full Body Comprehensive Test has been completed, using your hair sample, you will receive:

✔ A Full Report and clear explanations of your results

This will identify the food/s you would be best avoiding, vitamins and/or mineral deficiencies you have and any other imbalances within your body

✔ A detailed Personal Health Plan

This will identify what your body needs and steps to follow to help you on a healthy, happy wellness journey.

✔ Homeopathic Remedy

A specific prepared Homeopathic Remedy will be sent in the post to you.

As your body will be constantly changing, it is highly recommended to get re-tested regularly every 1-2 months