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FREE Food Intolerance Test

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Included with your first Block or Package (worth £45)

Simple Hair/Nail Sample - Results typically back within 7 days - Foods causing your body issues - Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies
Amino Acid Deficiencies - Fatty Acid Deficiencies - Enzyme Deficiencies and More

No more guess work when it comes to knowing what supplements you might need to take, or what foods might be causing you issues

Choosing the right Personal Trainer to help you reach your goals can sometimes be tricky, so I would like to make your choice an easy and effective one. Not only will you receive a Full Holistic Approach to your Personal Training, which means you'll reach your goals from several angles including fitness, energy, nutrition, improved health, better quality sleep, less stress and many more factors, but you'll also benefit from my 11 Years Experience as a Personal Trainer, helping hundreds of people with a variety of different goals, with guaranteed results for those who follow my guidance.

There are various Blocks & Packages to choose from, with the 12 Week Transformation Package been the most popular. Because I know the value of the knowledge and how it will effect your results, I will also include a Food Intolerance Test, with your first block or package (worth £45) telling you what foods and drinks might be holding you back or causing unwanted symptoms such as bloating, acid re-flux, dry skin, spots, etc. I will also be able to tell you what your body is lacking and deficient in, including Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Enzymes and more.

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  • Personalised Fitness Programmes

  • Maco-Nutrient Breakdowns

  • Posture Analysis & Correction

  • 24/7 Online/Text/Phone Advice & Support

  • Access to my Facebook Support Group

  • Weekly Reviews to Monitor Your Progress

  • Regular Competitions & Gift Giveaways

  • Welcome Pack & Goodies

  • Personalised Nutrition/Diet Plans

  • Sports Massage Treatments in Your Session

  • Regular Body Composition Checks

  • Access to my Online Members Area

  • Monthly Feedback & Progress Reports

  • Recommended Supplements for YOU

  • Specialist Training Techniques

    • Boxercise, Self-Defence, Pre & Post Natal, Injury Rehab, and more

About Ben Malton...

I have been a full time Personal Trainer & Nutritionist for over 12 years, helping hundreds of people around the Greater Manchester area achieve amazing results and body transformations, along with people around the world through Online Personal Training. I am currently based at The Gym Group on Deansgate, Manchester.

As an Advanced Level 4 Personal Trainer I have a Degree in BSc Exercise Nutrition & Health (3 years) and an advanced Diploma in Advanced Personal Training & Nutrition (2 years) setting me aside from many of today's PT's who have only completed a 4 week 'quick course' to become a "Personal Trainer". I also have a background in Sport & Athletics, having represented North Yorkshire in the English Counties of Cross Country, and having served with the British Parachute Regiment. You can also view many many more of my Qualifications by clicking here, with some specialist areas including Boxercise, Deep Tissue Sports Massage and Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy & Nutrition.

I provide very effective Personal Training sessions using methods and techniques backed by science and proven methods to get you in the fittest and strongest shape you've ever been in, whilst addressing your specific physical and mental goals. I provide a holistic service not just addressing your physical training, but looking in depth at your diet/nutrition, health & well-being, mental state of mind, overall happiness, etc.

I also practice a keen interest in Functional Medicine allowing me to sort out any sleep problems you have, along with issues with your energy, skin, digestion, sleep problems, frequent illnesses, and much more, looking at the route cause of any issues you have, rather than taking prescribed medications to just 'manage' the problem.

Free Consultation available,

including posture analysis & health check

Available for both my 121 clients and also for anyone else interested in discovering their food intolerances, and vitamin & mineral deficiencies.

Get your analysis report speicifc to you from just a hair or nail sample.

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I've been with Ben as a trainer for over 12 months now. He has helped me in many areas, weight loss, strength, toning and stamina. He has shown me ways of dealing with stress and even improved my sleep. He is dedicated and highly motivating and is always on hand to offer advice and guidance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Liane from Manchester

Whatever I have achieved in the last nearly 12 months at Lifestyle I could never have done so without the excellence of Ben's training. First class. Thanks Ben!

Tim from Manchester