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Fill out my Client Feedback Form ideally once every 4-6 weeks...

Although I will always be asking you questions throughout your training during your PT sessions to gauge how you are getting on with your training, it would be a really good idea and very beneficial for you if you were to take a moment to fill out my Client Feedback Form below.


This will really give me a more detailed insight into how your training is going, and how I can provide you not only with a much better Personal Training service, but it will also allow us both to identify areas that need improving, or areas that will allow us both to develop resulting in faster results and a more enjoyable fitness experience.

Monthly Feedback Reviews are completely optional

By completing these questions online, this will save time during your PT sessions, although I am more than happy to sit down for 10-15 minutes once a month with you at the start of one of your sessions to discuss these questions and others in person if you prefer.

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Please answer all questions as honestly and as fully as possible


Your feedback is strictly confidential and can massively help you develop as a person and progress your training and results.

Feel free to suggest any changes to my feedback form...

Do you feel there are any additional questions I should be asking you?

Be sure to include any additional information you feel may be relevant.

Let me know how I can provide you with a 5 Star Personal Training Experience

If you feel my Personal Training to you is missing something, let me know how I can provide that extra level of quality to you

Once you have completed your Feedback Questionnaire I will send you an email reminder in about 4 weeks time for you to fill out your next one

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