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With COVID 19 restrictions being lifted we are running a 3 day health re-set during April & May with a non-congested, advanced and immaculate environment inside Manchester's most high end, and most advanced gym...

This is a first for any gym...

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A 3 Day immersive experience, planned out in an intelligent way.

Spaces are limited, apply today to take advantage of a 3 day package, carefully structured, programmed and delivered valued at £195, completely Complementary.

Other gym's offer you a 'guest pass', at GSquared this is our standard...


Starting on various dates throughout April & May you'll be expected to complete the health re-set across the 3 days (Monday to Sunday), but we'll guarentee you'll feel incredible by the end, and it won't involve any 'beasting', shocks to the system or marginalisation.

An extremely well planned, intelligent, advanced process to bring the best out in you.

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3 Hours of Instruction in 3 days, and the most comfortable, authentic and advanced way of immersing yourself in to a regime that is guarenteed to improve you physically, emotionally, mentally and spirtually.

This is a complimentary offering, but valued at £195.

Day 1
YouSquared Assessment

Body Composition Analysis

Discover your current body composition, including body fat, weight, hydration, metabolic age and more.

Metabolic Typing Questionnaire

You'll learn what diet is best suited to you specifically, whether that be a diet high protein/low carbs, or perhaps high carbs/low protein, or maybe a similar mix between the two.

Holistic Health Questionnaire

Discover more about how what you eat, and when you eat matters. We will also look at digestive health, detoxification, fungus & parasites, sleep, stress and more.

Spinal Alignment

Your spine alignement will be measured for angles of kypohosis and lordosis to assess any abdormalities in your posture and spine curvature.

Overhead Squat Analysis

We will assess how your body moves on a key primary movement, and identify any over-tight muscle and/or weak muscle areas, joint areas, limited range of movements while making many other observations on your posture.

Static Plumb Line Test

Looking at your natural posture from every angle you will also discover how your body and overall posture is alligned. You will be very suprised at just how much infromation you will discover from the static plumb line test.

7 Point Functional Movement Screen

Testing all the major ways the body moves, as we look at flexibility, balance, stabolisation and functional movement, to see exactly how your body moves and any limitations and imbalances you have.

Day 2
1:1 Personal Training

Programme & Plan Build

You will have discovered ALOT of extremely useful information about your body on Day 1. Your second day will look at corrective exercise strategies on how you can work on what you have learned from your YouSquared assessment.

You'll also learn about ways to massively improve your lifestyle following your holistic lifestyle questionnaire and metabolic typing.

This will also be your 1:1 time you can spend asking all your questions about health, fitness, nutrition, and focusing on anything specific to you and your goals.

Day 3
Boutique Class

46 Classes Every Week

You will be able to select one of our 46 fitness classes we hold every single week, whether it be one of our 3 different types of yoga, or perhaps pilates, spin, functional HIIT, core training, fat burning and more.

You can view the Class Timetable by clicking here...

Terms & Conditions

This is a complimentary 3 day health reset, which is offered Monday-Sunday. This means that all days 1-3 must be completed within the same 7 day week. Ben Malton is available Monday-Friday for Day 1 (YouSquared) and Day 2 (PT Session). You will be able to book your boutique class on any of the days Monday-Sunday. Please be aware if you fail to show for any of your scheduled days, you will be unable to re-book. It may be possible to reschedule one of your days within that same week if you provide at least 24 hours notice.

If you choose to become a member of GSquared Health Clubs, you will be entitled to a YouSquared assessment every 3 months as part of your membership, and you will have full access to 46 fitness classes each and every week.


If you join GSquared through Ben Malton PT, you will also receive 2 complimentary Personal Training sessions to help you get off to the best possible start.

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We are raising the bar with our 3 day health re-set programme.


The Most Comprehensive, Compelling Start Of Any Gym, Ever, In The History Of Gym's.

Leave your details below about joining the 3-day reset, and Ben will be in touch with you very shortly.

Your YouSquared Assessment, and 1:1 PT Session will be performed by PT Ben Malton, depending on availability. You will be able to choose any one of the 46 weekly classes available too, Monday-Friday.

Thanks for booking, we'll contact you very soon!