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Personal Training KAMPUS Manchester

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Are you ready to make make a long lasting change to your health & fitness, and get into the best shape of your life? Get started today with expert guidance and benefit from over 16 years Personal Training experience not just with fitness training, but also with dedicated health, lifestyle and nutrition coaching.

If you're looking for a local Personal Trainer at KAMPUS  to train you using the latest science proven methods designed to get you long lasting results in the quickest time possible, there are a few different options available for you, with some great savings available with you been a resident at Kampus on Aytoun Street.

The Gym Group on Deansgate

Personal Training sessions are available at The Gym Group on Portland Street (M1 4EH), located a very short walk away from Kampus, just across the road from the Britannia Hotel. Just follow the tram tracks up to Portland Street.

10% OFF
Any Personal Training Block or Package for KAMPUS Residents

Online / Remote Personal Training with Health, Lifestyle & Nutrition Coaching is available for KAMPUS residents with 10% OFF each package subscription. This is the perfect option for those wanting support with their fitness, health, lifestyle and nutrition goals, without seeing a Personal Trainer in person.

Online Personal Training is also a lower cost option compared to 121 Personal Training sessions, which includes ALL of the same benefits and support features you'll get with 121 PT Sessions, including access to a dedicated Personal Training support app, tailored fitness programmes, meal plans, personalised macros & calories, 300+ healthy recipe ideas, weekly nutrition coaching, and more...


Food Intolerance & Nutrient Deficiency Testing...

10% OFF

Discover what foods and drinks your body is intolerant too, which will be causing stress or weakness on your body, and also what nutrients you are deficient in which you are lacking from your diet.

Do you regularly have digestive issues, bloating, brain fog, low energy, mood issues, depression, anxiety, skin issues, and so many other issues? So many health issues can be the direct result of food intolerances and nutrient deficiencies.

A Food Intolerance & Nutrient Deficiency Test is included with any Personal Training Block or Package, or the GOLD or PLATINUM Online PT Packages, and only requres a hair sample, with results back typically within 1 week.

Get 10% OFF yours today (normally £50) for only £45.
This includes going through your report to make sure you fully understand it so you know what to do next, and any after advice or support you need.

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