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Sorry to see you go...

Some people use a Personal Trainer longer than others, and for many different reasons. Many might choose a Block of 10, 20 or 12 Week Package to kick start their training in the right direction, and learn about effective exercise techniques and how to structure a healthy well balanced diet...

...others may train with me for several months, or even years to reach a bigger goal or body transformation, or purely for that ongoing motivation so you know you'll stick to your fitness training knowing that someone is there to make you do it.

It's great and satisfying when someone feels the knowledgeable enough and confident enough to go off and continue their training on their own. SUCCESS. You've done a great job, and I'm so happy I have had the opportunity to help you achieve your goals and help you throughout your health, fitness and nutritional journey.

Other things can get in the way when it comes to having to stop your PT sessions, such as work and social commitments, however if your stopping your Personal Training sessions purely down to the cost side of things, as PT Sessions are a luxury for most, then I would like to offer you a gift for you hard work so far, especially if you would love to continue your PT sessions and training but it all comes down to cost...

SPECIAL OFFER - Available for DAYTIME SESSIONS Only, unless otherwise agreed...

OFF-PEAK Times Weekdays Between 9am-5pm

As you will already know, the gym is at its quietest during the off-peak hours of 9am-5pm, and it's also when I have the most availability. Unfortunately I can only offer this promotion to you for daytime hours, as I am usually fully booked before 9am and after 5pm, often with a waiting list for those high demand peak sessions.

Loyalty Offer

Future Blocks and Packages if you choose to continue your training sessions

25% OFF

or restart your sessions within the next month or two

Due to high demand, this isn't an offer that I will provide for every one of my off-peak clients who decide to stop their training.

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