Small Group Personal Training in Manchester (2 People)

Save money by training with a friend or your partner and splitting the costs between you both, while you still both receive individual attention to each of your specific goals and nutritional requirements.

Initial Consultation


Anytime Sessions

These rates are for 121 Personal Training Sessons in Manchester, for TWO people training together, to use as and when required, within 6 months from purchase.

Individual Sessions
£60 per hour
(£30 each)

Block of 10 Sessions
£550 (save £50) (£55/session)
(£27.50 each)

Block of 20 Sessions
£1,000 (save £200) (£50/session)
(£25 each)

Block of 50 Sessions
£2,250 (save £750) (£45/session)
(£22.50 each)

(Block of 50 can be used within 12 months)

12 Week Transformation Packages

most popular...

These rates are for 121 Personal Training session in Manchester, for TWO people training together, to aim to complete within a 12 week time-period.

best value when paid in full

12 Week
Transformation Package
1 Session Per Week

£630 - 12 Sessions
(save £90) (£52.50/session)

Pay monthly available for £220
paid every 4 sessions
£110 each

12 Week
Transformation Package
2 Sessions Per Week

£1,200 - 24 Sessions
(save £240) (£50/session)

Pay monthly available for £420
paid every 8 sessions
£210 each

12 Week
Transformation Package
3 Sessions Per Week

£1,710 - 36 Sessions
(save £450) (£50/session)

Pay monthly available for £600
paid every 12 sessions
£300 each

12 Week
Transformation Package
4 Sessions Per Week

£2,160 - 48 Sessions
(save £720) (£45/session)

Pay monthly available for £760
paid every 16 sessions
£380 each

12 Week
Transformation Package
5 Sessions Per Week

£2,550 - 60 Sessions
(save £1,050) (£42.50/session)

Pay monthly available for £900
paid every 20 sessions
£450 each

NOTE: 12 Weeks is the recommended time frame to complete your transformation package. You may find your transformation package takes a little longer than 12 weeks if you need to have time off due to illness, having to self-isolate, holidays/time off, etc.

Need A Singles Block Too?

There will be times where you both want to train together, but only one of you can make it. Or other times where you want some individual attention with a 121 session personalised to you. One of you may want a glutes focus, and the other might want an arms focus...

If you purchase any Block or Package for 2 People, you can also get a 121 Singles Block at a reduced rate...

Singles Blocks Offer

Block of 10 Sesssions - £400
(save £100)
(£40 per session)

Block of 20 Sesssions - £700
(save £300)
(£35 per session)

Terms & Conditions
Please note these Blocks of 10 and 20 sessions can only be used as individual (1 person) sessions, and are only available at this reduced price when bought alongside a couples block or package (see above), unless otherwise agreed. Please ask for details.

Key Features

with Blocks & Packages

Please note all of these features are only available with Blocks & Packages, and not with individual sessions...

Free Consultation

This is a great opportunity for you to come meet me, discuss your goals in more detail and take a look around The Gym Group Deansgate. You will also receive a body compositition analysis on the day, and there is no obligation to get started with PT after your consultation.

Reduced Gym Membership

As two of my clients you will both benefit from a reduced gym membership of only £13.99/month per person (you will both need separate memberships) with no joining fee and no contract, or £17.99/month for access to up to 4 gym group locations & 4 monthly guest passes.

Discounted Car-Parking

The Gym Group Deansgate is built into the NCP Car Park in the Great Northern building, allowing you to park right outside the gym entrance for a reduced price of only £1.50 for under 2 hours.

Personalised Programmes

You will both receive Personalised & Progressive Fitness Programmes throughout your training that are tailored to your specific goals, fitness level and preferences. If training together I will create a programme you can both follow together that addresses both your goals, or separate programmes if you both have separate goals. This may include additional focus programmes in addition to your main programmes, such as a glute focus programme, an arms focus programme or core programme, etc.

Dedicated Fitness App

You will both also have full access to my Online Personal Training App that can be used along side your PT sessions. Here I will be able to upload your fitness plans so you can see exercise video tutorials of every exercise incase you need a reminder outside your PT sessions. You will both have a separate account for more individualised training.

Weekly Health & Lifestyle Coaching

You will both learn about a different health & lifestyle topic each week, with advice on how to maximise your health & wellness, with everything from better quality sleep, reducing stress, having more energy and so much more.

Posture Analysis & Correction

From the very start your posture will be assessed to identify any muscle strength imbalances and flexibilty issues may affect your posture and you techniques on certain exercises. If needed you will learn corrective exercise and stretching techniques to resolve any issues you have.

Weekly Nutrition Coaching

You will both learn about different nutrition topics every week through my email nutrition coaching, teaching you something new each week, without taking up too much of your time, with quick easy to read and understant factual information to help you get long lasting results

Tailored Meal Plans

You will both receive a tailored 7 day meal plan you can follow, personalised to your food preferences. You will also receive additional meal plans to consider so you can have some freedom and more choices within your diet. If you live together and cook together I will create meal plans that allow you to eat the same foods, but with different food amounts.

Macros & Calories

Based on your specific goals, I will also calculate your required daily calorie requirements, and your goal macros (fats, carbs & protein) that will get you the most effective results in the quickest time possible

Over 250 Recipe Ideas

You will recieve over 250 healthy recipe ideas, which will include low carbs, high-protein, vegan, plant based, keto-friendly and many more. I will also be sending you some new healthy recipe ideas every month so you always have plenty of ideas. All recipes include meal photos.

Diet Tracking & Feedback

If you choose to track your diet using MyFitnessPal (I strongly recommend for weight loss in particular) you will be able to remotely share your diary so I can give you regular feedback on your food intake

Food Intolerance Testing

A hair sample will be sent off to the lab for analysis, with results coming back within 1-2 weeks. You will both have an individual test each and learn what foods you are currently intolerant too, causing stress or weakness on your body. You will also discover what nutrients you are deficient in which may be having a negative effect on your health.