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GSquared YouSquared Members Journey

The more information you derive, the more accurate the programme, exercise, a training plan can become and the more efficiently you spend your time during the activity.

GSquared has created the 7 Part Screen known as “You Squared”, arguably one of the most in-depth, diverse, accurate, informative, educational and useful yet noninvasive member experiences of any gym on the planet, and we take that statement serious!

YouSquared Assessments are available to GSquared Members, and are also available as part of our complimentary 3 Day Health Reset programme.

Stage 1

Body Composition Analysis

Discover your current body composition, including body fat, weight, hydration, metabolic age and more.

Stage 2

Metabolic Typing Questionnaire

You'll learn what diet is best suited to you specifically, whether that be a diet high protein/low carbs, or perhaps high carbs/low protein, or maybe a similar mix between the two.

Stage 3

Holistic Health Questionnaire

Discover more about how what you eat, and when you eat matters. We will also look at digestive health, detoxification, fungus & parasites, sleep, stress and more.

Stage 4

Spinal Alignment

Your spine alignement will be measured for angles of kypohosis and lordosis to assess any abdormalities in your posture and spine curvature.

Stage 5

Overhead Squat Analysis

We will assess how your body moves on a key primary movement, and identify any over-tight muscle and/or weak muscle areas, joint areas, limited range of movements while making many other observations on your posture.

Stage 6

Static Plumb Line Test

Looking at your natural posture from every angle you will also discover how your body and overall posture is alligned. You will be very suprised at just how much infromation you will discover from the static plumb line test.

Stage 7

7 Point Functional Movement Screen

Testing all the major ways the body moves, as we look at flexibility, balance, stabolisation and functional movement, to see exactly how your body moves and any limitations and imbalances you have.


Conclusion & Write Up:

Integrative Programme

Discover what corrective exercises you need to address the primary issues that were highlighted in your YouSquared Assessment, looking at improvements to your functional health & wellnes, functional movement, posture issues and of course addressing your primary goals.

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