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Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Level 4 Diabetes & Obesity Specialist

CHEK Practitioner

Ben Malton Personal Training Manchester
Personal Trainer in Manchester Ben Malton

Personal Trainer in Manchester City Centre

Remote Online Personal Training also avaialble where ever you may live

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Primary Services

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Intense Training

Gym Personal Training Sessions

Personal Training sessions take place at the Gym Group on Portland Street, in Manchester City Centre (M1 4EH), one of Manchester's largest and best equipped gyms. You'll find the gym across the road from the Britannia Hotel, around the corner from Piccadilly Gardens. 

Online Zumba Lesson

Online Personal Training

Remote Online Personal Training is the perfect option for anyone anywhere in the world to get started with their health & fitness journey. You'll get access to a dedicated Personal Training app with tons of cool features. Alongside fully tailored workouts (with tutorial videos) you'll be able to manage your training, learn about healthy nutrition, tailored meal plans, recipe ideas, improve your physical, mental and emotional health and so much more. You'll get most of what you'd get in person, just remotely.

Plank of Weights

Tailored Fitness Programmes

Perhaps you are not looking for the regular coaching from a PT, but you do want a tailored fitness programme creating, specific to your goals and fitness level, that you know will work and get you guarenteed results. You'll get access to my Personal Training App for the duration of your programme, be be able to track and record your training, view exercise tutorial videos and so much more. This option is ideal for those that don't need the regular follow ups for accountability, although you'll always be able to contact me with any questions, help or support you need.

Nutritional Cooking

Diet Plans

Get a fully tailed 7 Day Meal Plan, created based on your fitness goals, which includes calculations of your macros (fats, carbs & protein) and calorie requirements. You'll be able to let me know what foods you feel must be in your diet, and what foods you want to avoid, and so much more. You'll also have the ability to swop out foods in your plan with others with a cool swop function within the app. Weekly nutrition coaching also included by email (optional).

Male osteopath doing a postural evaluation on a young female patient assessing the alignme

Holistic Health & Posture Review

This will take place at the Gym Group Portland Street. If you are not already a member I will arrange for free guest pass entry into the gym for your review. I'll be able to score you on a number of different health areas, including what you eat, when you eat, digestive health, stress, detoxification, fungus & parasites and more. I'll then take a detailed look into your posture, including measuring the angles of your spine, and assessing your bodies ability to move, identifying muscular dysfunctions / imbalances, which me be causing you pain or discomfort, or which could negatively affect exercise performance or cause injury later down the line. I'll be able to tell you exactly which muscles are tight / weak or underconditioned. You'll learn a lot about your body and health. And I will give you some corrective exercises and stretches to help you fix any issues found.

Gym Group Portland Street Small Weights Area
Gym Group Portland Street Class Studio
Gym Group Portland Street Main Weights Area
Gym Group Portland Street Vending Machines
Gym Group Portland Street Class Studio
Gym Group Portland Street Resistance Machines
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Personal Trainer in Manchester Ben Malton

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Ben Malton Personal Training

Gym Group Portland Street

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M1 4EH

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