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Remote Personal Training Online

Get fit from the comfort of your own home

It's official, you shoudn't leave your home unless its absolutely neccessary or you're a key worker. Discover how you can get fit and healthy with Online Personal Training in your own home without the need of any equipment at all. If you do have anything, that's a bons and will be incorporated into your Personalised Workout Routines.

No Equipment Neccessary

You will learn how to use your own body weight, and thing around you in your home to keep fit and healthy and reach your fitness goals.

You'll be able to see a video demonstration of every exercise thats been added to your programme and receive weekly Nutrition advice and motivational tips to keep you on track the whole time.

You will be able to speak to me on a regular basis FACE-TO-FACE via Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp Video, or any other platform, with regular video calls to check your progress, answer your questions, and keep you on track, with fresh ideas added to your routine every week keeping it fun and interesting.

If you get started with 121 Online Coaching or any of my Fitness Programmes, and also wish to get started with regular Personal Training sessions in the Gym or Outdoors when the government allows them to re-open, you will recceive 20% EXTRA PT SESSIONS with your first block or package

For example, a 12 Week Transformation Package, with 3 sessions per week (36 sessions)

would mean you would get 7 EXTRA sessions added to your block (20% EXTRA)


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