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Get fit and into shape this Summer with Personal Training with Nutrition Coaching...

Personal Trainer in Manchester City Centre

Online Personal Training and 121 Video PT Sessions also available

Personal Training sessions take place at the Gym Group on Deansgate, located in the historic Great Northern Building, next to the Odeon Cinema.

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Available at the The Gym Group on Deansgate
in the Great Northern Warehouse, next to the Odeon Cinema or by phone, video chat or through my Online Consultation Form

A Free Consultation is a great opportunity for you to come and discuss your goals in more detail, and take a look around the gym. A body composition analysis (weight, body fat, etc) will also be included so you have a clear picture of where you are now, to where you want to be, or ideally where you should be.


The Gym Group Deansgate in the Great Northern Warehouse is one of largest and best equipped gyms in Manchester City Centre.

I have worked throughout Manchester Gym's for the past 14+ years, achieving great long lasting results through Personal Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

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Gym Group Personal Trainer

What you can expect...

Become part of one of Manchester's largest and best equipped gyms in Manchester City Centre and become fitter and more energetic as you learn how you can effectively burn body fat and keep it off for good, while becoming stronger, more flexible and achieve the athletic toned body you've always wanted.

Whether you choose to have Personal Training in Manchester City Centre at The Gym Group on Deansgate, at your home/apartment gym, or even through online personal training, I will show you step by step the most effective ways to get guarenteed results when you follow my guidance.

Become fitter and more energetic as you learn how you can effectively burn body fat from the comfort of your own home. You don't need any equipment to exercise at home, and any you do have is a bonus and can be incorporated. You'll become stronger than ever before, allowing you to achieve that toned athletic appearance ready for the summer, which is pretty much here.

You'll be motivated on a regular basis to train hard to the best of your ability and fitness level. You'll be able to push yourself harder and for longer each time you train.

Most importantly, your workouts will be tailored towards your goals, fitness level and preferences. If you don't like an exercise, or hate cardio, you don't have to do it, as there are many just as effective ways to get results, if not better! If you love a type of exercise it will be incorporated more into your routine, with new fresh ideas added.

You won't just become fit. You'll be shown how to become healthier and happier as you learn how to become fit from the inside out, with healthy balanced nutrition. You'll receive regular nutrition coaching, meal plans, food shopping lists, personalised calories & macros, and food intolerance testing. You'll also learn how to get better quality sleep, improved digestion, and reduce your stress. These are just a few of the key features of many you will experience throughout your Personal Training as you benefit from over 14 years of continous full time Personal Training experience.

I will also give you an in-depth posture & flexibility assessment, to check your posture and flexibility, and I will give you a number of corrective exercises and stretches to incorporate into your training routine to fix any imbalanced and muscle dysfunctions.

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Professionl 121 Online Personal Training available via a dedicated Personal Training app, with Nutrition Coaching & Meal Plans, exercisxe videos, progress graphs, personalised fitness programmes, dietary feedback and much more...

Online Personal Training

Personal Training in Manchester City Centre is available at The Gym Group on Deansgate in the Great Northern Warehouse, next to the Odeon Cinema.

However you can also get all the same support and features by training with me ONLINE too through my dedcicated Personal Training app...

Online Personal Training is a great effective and lower cost solution which allows you to still work 121 with a Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist, but without seeing them in person for 121 physical sessions.

I'll be keeping in touch with you every single week, and I'll be tracking your progress and training sessions through my dedicated Personal Training app, as well as keeping in regular contact with you through texts / whatsapp, etc.

I will make sure you receive all the support and features I would provide anyone I train in person, which include health, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

If you are ever in Manchester, you will also have the option to book a 121 PT session with me if you ever wish too as well. A free day pass for The Gym Group Deansgate in Manchester City Centre will also be provided for you too.


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