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Pre & Post Natal Fitness & Nutrition

Understand physical conditions associated with pregnancy

I will help you prepare physically for all stages of pregnancy so that you can reduce/avoid lower back pain, muscle cramps, ligament pain and a variety of other conditions that are common throughout pregnancy


Critical health and safety considerations

I will coach and advise you on any warning signs which may show a risk to both yourself and your baby


Nutrition and pregnancy

You will be mentored on the best ways to fuel your body with a varied balanced diet, to effectively support both you and your babies growth and development. I will advise you on recommended foods to include in your diet, and more importantly, what foods to avoid during pregnancy.


Goal Setting and Exercise

I will work with you to set physical fitness goals to help you maintain your fitness and a stable body fat percentage. You will be taught a variety of effective exercises to maintain/increase your fitness and strength without halm to your baby, and effective exercises you can do after you have given birth to your new born.

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