Outdoor Personal Training Manchester City Centre

Free Consultation also available

Your sessions can take place anywhere, which includes outdoors. The kind of things we do outdoors will depend on your goals and preferences.


It may be that your looking for a Running Partner in which case I can run along side you, and set the pace, based on your fitness level. I'll be able to coach you on the best ways to improve your fitness and running times with additional training ideas.

My Recommendation...

However for maximal results, and for a more fun and interesting session, I recommend taking a much more Functional Approach to your outdoor training.


I'll show you how you can manipulate the surrounding outdoor environment into your own outdoor gym area. We will utilise every day objects and areas, which include benches, hills, steps, obstacles, children's play park area apparatus, walls, buildings and more.


With a combination of your own body weight, and the outdoor environmnet, you'll discover hundreds of different exercises and techniques you can use to get yourself into shape.


There will be also the option for me to bring outside additional equipment we can carry with us on the go, which include Resistance Bands, TRX Suspension Training, Boxing Gloves & Pads and more.

You can now book Outdoor Personal Training in Manchester City Centre areas. There are various locations all over the city centre which allow for various types of fitness and exercise, which also include a choice of various parks.

You can bring whatever equipment you are prepared to carry. I also have the option to bring TRX, boxing pads & gloves, ladders, resistance bands, medicine balls and many other bits of kit.

Hand Sanitizers will be provided for use before, during and after your PT Session, and there will be a portable sanitizer station with me, with anti-bacterial sprays and paper towels. I will also be giving out a clean NEW face /sweat flannel every session to anyone who wants one, which can be reused by you, or disposed of each session.