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Outdoor Personal Training Manchester City Centre

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Outdoor Personal Training sessions are ideal if you can't make it to the gym for Personal Training sessions, or if you would prefer to train outdoors in light of everything that has been going on with Coronavirus.

Outdoor sessions are also an ideal option for whenever Manchester experiences lockdown restrictions which result in temporary closures of gyms & leisure centres.

Sessions typically take place within the Manchester City Centre and locally surrounding areas. I will bring with me a range of equipment, which usually includes things like:

TRX Suspension Trainer

Agility Ladders & Cones

Boxing Pads & Gloves

Resistance Bands

Light Dumbbells & Exercise Mat

You will also discover hundreds of additional ways to train using just your own bodyweight.

Outdoor Fitness - Castlefield Urban Heri
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You'll also discover many ways you can use everything around you outdoors which you may have never considered before, such as different terrain, slopes, park benches, children's play parks, sports courts, and many more.

Your sessions can take place at a local park, sports court or open space near you, or I can give you some suggestions based on where you live or work.

Examples include outside the Lawry, Victoria Mill Park, Hulme Park, Castlelfield and many more.

You will also receive health, lifestyle and nutrition coaching along side your outdoor sessions, which will help you get faster results, improve your energy & mood, sleep better, stress less, sooth digestion along with many other benefits.

You'll also get full access to my Online Personal Training app, which will allow you to manage your training, view programmes I create you and watch exercise tutorial videos of every exercise.

Nutrition coaching includes weekly coaching, meal plans, 250+ recipe ideas, calories, macros & more.

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COVID Secure


I will provide Hand Sanitizer for you to use at any point before, during and after your PT Sessions. Social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines that are relevant at the time of your sessions will be followed. All equipment will be cleaned and sanitized between each PT session I have.

If you need to self-isolate at any point during your training just let me know, and I will put your sessions on hold until you get started again. I will do the same if you have some planned time away where you won't be training. Just be sure to let me know as far in advance as you can.

Getting Started...


Please get in touch to discuss your goals with me in more detail. You can use the link below to book a Free Consultation over the phone, or you can fill out my Online Form, or both.

You can check my Real-Time availability at any time by visiting my availability & booking page below. Please get in touch before booking so we can go through your goals and requirements in more detail, and arrange where we will be training, and where about's we will be meeting at the start of your sessions.

Weather Conditions...


I will be flexible for Outdoor PT Sessions when it comes to the weather. You are welcome to still train if the weather is very wet, however I will provide Free Guest Pass Entry to The Gym Group on Portland Street should you still wish to train on days which turn out to be bad weather.

Some locations do have some shelter in case we are caught in a brief shower. You can also choose to swop training days if the weather is bad. I will contact you the morning of your session if weather conditions are poor to see what you would like to do.

During any temporary Gym Closures, resulting from the COVID pandemic, we obviously wouldn't have the gym as an option, so you may prefer to just swop days. If the gym's are closed due to lockdown, there will be more availability than usual throughout lockdown restrictions.

What You Wil Need...


Please bring with you a bottle of water to stay hydrated during your training session.

You should clothe yourself in layers, which can be removed as your heats up from exercise or hot weather, and that you can add/put on when you cool down, or when its very cold weather.

I strongly recommend bringing a waterproof coat if the weather forecast is questionable or if its likely to rain. Bringing a dry top/jumper to change into after your session is also a wise idea, in case the one you are wearing gets wet, dirty or soaked in sweat (which will make you cold when you stop exercising). 

If you live very close to where we train, you should be fine with a water bottle, wearing clothes that you feel comfortable exercising in. For example trainers, jogger bottoms with t-shirt/jumper. If they get wet or dirty you will soon be home after your session.

Some equipment will be provided

You are welcome to bring with you additional equipment

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