Boxercise & Pad Work

with incorporates Kick Boxing & Self Defence styles

Boxercise & Pad Work

The ultimate stress busting workout. Whether your a complete beginner or have been boxing for a while, this workout is great for both men and women of all fitness levels.

For beginners I will coach you on the very basics to begin with, including your stance, how to punch correctly with a variety of different punches. We will be using gloves and pads (provided) with kick-pads also available. If you would like to use your own gloves and hand wraps feel free to bring them in.

Sessions will typically take place in the gym studio with lots of space and a punch bag, or the smaller spin bike studio.

Book a FREE 20-30 Minute Taster Session

See what Boxercise is like for yourself and learn the basics as I guide you through an introduction to what its like...

Boxercise sessions are personalised based on your goals and fitness level, and can include boxing/padwork or a combination of other fitness elements such as circuits and body weight exercises.

Some people choose to incorporate 10-15 minutes of Boxercise with their Personal Training sessions, for example, chosing to get on the pads to finish off their PT session.

Sessions can take place at the gym, your home or outdoors.

1 x 30 Minute Boxercise Session - £25

6 x 30 Minute Boxercise Session - £150 (save £25)

Get a block of 6 x 30 minute Boxercise sessions for the price of 5.

1 x 60 Minute Boxercise Session - £40

6 x 60 Minute Boxercise Session - £200 (save £40)

Get a block of 6 x 60 minute Boxercise sessions for the price of 5.

All sessions are tailored to your specific abilities, experience and fitness level. A beginner over the course of 6 typical sessions will learn everything from basic stance and positions, various punches, combinations, sequences and movement drills. Your co-ordination will be challenged and improved upon, as you try more challenging sequencies, incorporate some fitness challenges suitable for your level of fitness, and as we introduce kicks, elbow strikes and knee techniques. Various techniques and aspects of Self Defence will also be incorporated.