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Any client of mine who allows me to use their before & after photos of their progress all receive a FREE PT Session as a thank you

Georffy, Cornwall

Commutes to Manchester

" I am a businessman and live in Cornwall but frequently work in Manchester. As I travel a lot, it is hard to fit training in with my schedule. I was lucky enough to find a solution with Ben Malton Personal Training. Whenever I go to Manchester, Ben quickly assess what has changed since the last time we met, which might have been a month or more before. He identifies what I have been doing at the gym at home and compares that to his own meticulous records. His ability to make a fast assessment means that we can seamlessly pick up where we left off. In addition, I have problems with a liver and skeletal condition and Ben has an encyclopaedic knowledge of complementary supplements or approaches that I have also found invaluable. I would say Ben is totally reliable and consistent and I recommend his services highly. "

Mark, Manchester

One of the best personal trainers at Lifestyle Fitness. Good work Ben "

Tim, Manchester

Ben is a great trainer very professional and has really helped me achieve my strength goals. "

Liane, Manchester

I've had Ben as a trainer for over 12 months now. He has helped me in many areas, weight loss, strength, toning and stamina. He has shown me ways of dealing with stress and even improved my sleep. He is dedicated and highly motivating and is always on hand to offer advice and guidance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him. "

Brian, Manchester

​​Whatever I have achieved in the last nearly 12 months at Lifestyle I could never have done so without the excellence of Ben's training. First Class. Thanks Ben! "

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