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Key Features You'll Get

Here is a list of just some of the key essential support and coaching you will receive throughout your Personal Training journey...

Key PT Features

Personalised Fitness Programmes

Dedicated Personal Training App Access
(including videos of every exercise on your plan)

Posture Analysis & Correction

Flexibility Coaching

Health & Lifestyle Coaching
(Sleep Quality, Stress, Mood, Happiness & more)

Regular Advice & Support

Key Nutrition Features

7 Day Tailored Meal Plan
Over 300 Colourful Healthy Recipes
Additional New Recipe Ideas every Month
Personalised Macros & Calories
Discover Your Food Intolerances
Resolve Your Nutrient Deficiencies
Tailored Supplement Advice & Recommendations
Weekly Nutrition Coaching
Diet Tracking & Feedback
Food Shopping Lists & Ideas

Key Health Features

Improve Your Sleep Quality & Duration

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Balance Your Hormones
(for effective faster fat loss, and mood enhancement)

Improve Your Digestion
(avoid bloating, and other digestive upset)

Balance Neurotransmitter Levels
(feel happier and more motivated)

Resolve Many Health Issues
(through a functional nutrition approach)

Food Intolerance &
Nutrient Deficiency Test

worth £50 included with any Block or Package when paid in full

Pay monthly packages will receive a Food Intolerance Test after their second monthly payment.

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