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You will have plenty of questions, so be sure to get in touch and ask anything you like. It's always great to discuss your goals in real-time and better understand what your training could potentially involve based on your goals, fitness level and preference.

You can also Call, Text, Whatsapp or Email your questions, or use the Live Chat at the bottom right of each web page, where I'll be able to chat back to you right away, or if I am away or training someone, I'll be able to reply usualy in less than an hour. Gym Personal Training sessions ARE currently available and taking place at The Gym Deansgate.

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This is a great opportunity for you to meet me, discuss your goals in more detail, and take a look around the gym. You will also receive an optional Free Body Composition Analysis and discover your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, metabolic age and more, in reference to where you want to be, and also where you should be for your age.

There is no obligation to start PT sessions after your consultation.

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