Qualifications & Experience

I have worked within the Greater Manchester area for over 11 years as a Full Time Personal Trainer, allowing me to gain a high level of experience successfully working with hundreds of clients within 5 major gyms around the area, including DW Sports Fitness, The Gym Group, Pure Gym and Lifestyle Fitness. I have also trained a number of people Outdoors, at Sporting Events and at their Homes.
I have listed just some of my main current qualifications here. If you would like to see copies of any of these qualifications with certificates, please let me know.
I believe a good Personal Trainer is someone who constantly craves knowledge, which is why even after 11 years of being a PT, I still continue to research and study various areas of health, fitness and nutrition. This allows me to stay up to date with the latest tested methods for getting you maximum results.
There is no such thing as a fully qualified Personal Trainer, as our knowledge of nutrition, fitness and health is continuously changing as we discover and research more into the science of these fields.
Current Education & Training...
Throughout 2019 I will continue my ongoing pursuit for knowledge and the latest research, including several planned advanced courses I am either working through at the moment or have planned for the near future.
Some of these include:
  • PAUL CHEK Scientific Back Training (current course)


  • DTS Level 1

  • PAUL CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC) Level 1

  • Level 4 Lower Back Pain

BSc (Hons) Exercise Nutrition & Health

DTS Hip Hinge Clinic

REPS Level 4 - Obesity & Diabetes Specialist

REPS Level 3 - Personal Trainer & Advanced Instructor


REPS Nutrition & Weight Management

REPS Nutrition for Sport & Exercise Performance

REPS Applied Nutrition


REPS Pre & Post Natal Training & Nutrition


REPS Exercise for Ultimate Fat Loss

REPS Circuit Training

REPS Torso Training

REPS Core Stability


Boxercise Instructor

NVQ Fitness Instructor

First Aid Qualified

Examples of Recent Courses & Training Events


DTS Scientific Back Training - Current course due to be completed January 2019


High End Nutrition & Lifestyle Protocols - 14th December 2018 - Live Seminar PT Confidential

Part 2 - A wide range of training principles, and

business information from the CHEK Institute -  7th September 2018 - Live Seminar PT Confidential

Part 1 - A wide range of training principles, and

business information from the CHEK Institute - 20th July 2018 - Live Seminar PT Confidential

DTS Hip Hinge Practical Seminar - 11th June 2018