Qualifications & Experience

You will learn and benefit from over 12 years experience as a Full Time Personal Trainer in Manchester, having worked with hundreds of clients within 5 major gyms around the area, including DW Sports Fitness, The Gym Group, Pure Gym and Lifestyle Fitness. This includes Online Clients from all over the UK and some in other countries. You can also discover how to train outdoors, train for sporting events or how learn to train at home with little or no equipment.
Current qualifications have been listed here. If you would like to see copies of any of these qualifications with certificates, please let me know.
A good Personal Trainer is someone who continuous ly studies a variety of areas of health, fitness and nutrition. You will learn about the very latest up to date tried and tested methods for getting you the best possible results in the qucikest time possible.
Ben has become qualified through a 2 year advanced diploma in personal training, along side a 3 year BSc degree in Exercise, Nutrition & Health, unlike a large percentage of "Personal Trainers" these days who instead complete 4 week rushed 'quick-courses' to become qualified on paper, and often get passed no matter what so training providers can maintain high pass rates.

BSc (Hons) Exercise Nutrition & Health

DTS Hip Hinge Clinic

REPS Level 4 - Obesity & Diabetes Specialist

REPS Level 3 - Personal Trainer & Advanced Instructor


REPS Nutrition & Weight Management

REPS Nutrition for Sport & Exercise Performance

REPS Applied Nutrition


REPS Pre & Post Natal Training & Nutrition


REPS Exercise for Ultimate Fat Loss

REPS Circuit Training

REPS Torso Training

REPS Core Stability


Boxercise Instructor

NVQ Fitness Instructor

First Aid Qualified