July Special Offer

Offer Ends on Friday 31st July 2020

This month you can take advantage of a limited special offer to help you get back into your health & fitness and to make improvements to your nutrition / eating habits.


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Note: If you are training as a couple or two friends, please click here for Couple PT Session Rates. The number of FREE sessions for each block/package below will be the same for the corosponding Couple PT Blocks & Packages, e.g. Block of 10 = 2 Free, etc.


Block of 10 Sessions - £360

PLUS 2 FREE (£30/sesion) (x12)

Block of 20 Sessions - £680

PLUS FREE (£28.33/sesion) (x24)

12 Week Transformation Package - PAID FULL


1/week - £420 + 3 FREE (£28/session) (x15)


2/week - £780 + 6 FREE (£26/session) (x30)

3/week - £1,080 + 9 FREE (£24/session) (x45)

12 Week Transformation Package - PAID MONTHLY


1/week - £150/month + 1 FREE (£34.62/session) (x13)


2/week - £280/month + 2 FREE (£32.31/session) (x26)


3/week - £390/month/month + 3 FREE (£30/session) (x39)

Free Sessions provided upon completion of block/package

FREE Food Intolerance & Nutrient Deficiency Test

worth £45 included with your first Bock or Package


Nutrition Coaching

Meal Plans

Personalised Macros & Calories

Regular Dietary Feedback

Posture Analysis & Correction

Flexibility Training

Exercise Videos

Members Area

Unlimited Advice & Support

And more all included

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Offer Ends on Friday 31st July 2020

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