Personal Training Special Offer

with Ben Malton at Lifestyle Fitness including Home & Outdoors

Welcome to Personal Training with Ben Malton. This offer will expire on Monday 10th July 2017. So be sure to get booked in for a Free Consultation with me to discuss your goals in more detail and take a look around the gym, or get a taster of how we will train at Home or Outdoors.

Well done for taking the first key step in your future success at transforming your body and fitness, boosting your confidence and feeling fitter than you have ever felt. Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to advance your workout routine, your training and diet will be fully personalised based on you, your goals and your fitness level.

Summer is already here, and many of you will be wanting to get fitter as soon as possible. Some of you may have holidays booked, or be wanting to undo some of the holiday damage. Maybe you simply want to get fit, take your workout to the next level, or see better results.

Whatever your goals, you have come to the right please with Results Guaranteed.

Limited Special Offer

Offer Ends on Monday 10th July 2017

3 Months FREE Reimbursed Gym Membership

I will personally reimburse your gym membership for the first 3 months of getting started again with me at Lifestyle Fitness on Deansgate. I will simply deduct the cost of 3 months worth of gym membership from the cost of your PT Block/Package, leaving you in complete control of your own Gym Membership.

For new members or returning members you will also benefit from a special reduced membership to the gym of only £17.99/month (£10 Join Fee) with the first 3 months reimbursed.

Example of Final Costs

Block of 10: £360 minus 3/month gym - £296

Block of 20: £680 minus 3/month gym - £616

FREE Food Intolerance Test (worth £45) With Any Block or Package

From a simple hair or nail sample, discover your food intolerance's including nutrient deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes and supplements.

Click Here for more information about this test

Up to 5 Additional Personal Training Sessions Included FREE With Blocks

Book a Block of 10 Personal Training sessions and get 2 FREE (worth £80)

(Get 2 FREE with a 12 Week Package of 1/week)

Book a Block of 20 Personal Training sessions and get 5 FREE (worth £200)

(Get 5 FREE with a 12 Week Package of 2-3/week)

Save OVER £600 OFF your PT Session Package

Based on 3 sessions per week over 12 Week Transformation Package - Save £360

PLUS Save Additional 3 x £17.99 + £10 Joining Fee Gym Membership

and £45 Food Intolerance Test & £135 Worth Online/Mobile PT App 3 Month Subscription

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All Blocks & Packages Include the Offer Mentioned Here. Please feel free to ask any questions

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which will provide me with key details about You and Your Goals - I will contact you within 24 hours or you can Call, Text or Email me first if you like

Payments can be made by Cash or Bank Transfer

or you can secure a place straight away through PayPal below

(note you do not need a PayPal account)

    1 PT Session                     Block of 10 Sessions                   Block of 20 Sessions               Food Intolerance Test Only

           £40                                        £296                                              £616                                 Special Offer - £35 Save £10

To pay a different amount than above (for example if paying for additional services) please Click Here...

Unable to make it to Lifestyle Fitness in Manchester? Discover Online & Mobile Personal Training from only £30/month

which includes Fitness Programmes, Regular Support, Nutrition Coaching, Personalised Macros and More. Click Here for info

(Online & Mobile Personal Training Included As Standard With Any Block or 12 Week Package)

High Value Value PT Elements & Services

Discover some examples of the High Value of service you will be getting which you are unlikely to get anywhere else

Welcome Pack

Welcome Booklet Guide and some give away goodies to take away with you

3 Month Subscription to Trainerize Personal Training App

(worth £120)

Macro-nutrient Breakdown

Fats, Carbs, Protein, Calories & More

Local Special Offers & Discounts

from local businesses for my clients

Personal Trainer Journey

a clear check list of everything you need to get off to a successful start!

Boxercise & Self Defence

Discover the enjoyment and challenge of pad work, and now with the option to learn Self Defence techniques

Functional Medicine Approach

Discover natural and practical ways to resolve various health issues, aches and pains by finding the route cause of the problem rather than medications

Personalised Fitness Plan

with regular progressions & variation

Personalised Nutrition Plan

with Meal Ideas and Recipe Ideas

FREE Health Check

Including Blood Pressure & Heart Rate

Full Body Composition Analysis

Bio-Electric Impedance Method and Skin-fold Caliper Measurements

Pre & Post Natal Fitness & Nutrition

Discover what to eat and what to avoid before, during and after pregnancy, including specific fitness training

Home & Outdoor Personal Training

depending on my availability and the location, you may choose to train outside the standard gym environment

Articles - Competitions - Offers

Keep an eye out for regular articles, competitions, special offers and free giveaways throughout your training, including giveaway rewards for hard work, dedication and excellent attendance to your PT sessions

DNA Testing

Coming Soon - July 2017

Posture Analysis & Correction

reduces aches/pains and improves

your exercise techniques

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

available during your sessions as a treatment or muscle maintenance

Selection of Nutrition & Fitness Products to Buy for me in your Sessions

including fitness accessories, supplements, gift vouchers & more

Specialist Fat Burning 

Tried and tested fitness training methods and nutrition protocols which will transform your body

Bi-Weekly Feedback

Regular feedback every couple of weeks to help you stay focused and on track

Monthly Online Progress Report

Accessed via your own private password protected web page, with your monthly reports, feedback, macros, photos and so much more useful information

Offer Ends on Monday 10th July 2017

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You are welcome to book in for a FREE CONSULTATION to meet me, discuss your goals in more detail and take a look around the gym, or your chosen training area.

You can email me if you prefer on:

You can also TEXT/CALL me on:

0781 708 2745

There is no obligation to get started again with Personal Training sessions if you book in for a Consultation.

Whether you want to get started again with some regular Personal Training sessions...

...or just want one or two to help get you started again (along with a new programme to follow)...

...or just want to sign up for Personal Training via your Mobile Phone and/or Online for only £45/month

In any case, drop me a message and let me show you how you can get guaranteed results,

taking your fitness to a new level!