Nutrition Coaching & Services

Introduction to my background in Nutrition

My interest in Nutrition and how it impacts the human body not only in athletic and sporting performance, but its direct impact on our basic health and wellness, started throughout my degree in BSc Exercise Nutrition & Health which I completed 12 years ago. Following this I also studied and researched along side numerous additional nutritional courses, which included an advanced Level 4 Obesity & Diabetes Management course. Over the years I also regularly attebd a wide variety of Seminars, Workshops, & Webinars. Aside from my own on-going research, I have also successfully helped hundreds of people transform their health, fitness & nutition through a full time career in Personal Training. I've summerised some of my Nutrition services offered below...

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching is provided as standard to all those who come on board with a Personal Taining Block or Package. You can view these by Clicking Here.


The majority of people who try to make a physical change to their body and the way they look are very unlikely to succeed without a healthy balanced nutritional intakeSuch a diet should not only address the right amounts of macro-nutrients (fats, carbs & protein) and calories for their body type, metabolism and specific goals, but should also address the right amounts of micro-nutrient (vitamins & minerals) requirements, while also addressing any nutrient deficiencies, which the majority of people will have for various reasons.

Food Intolerance Test - £45
Included as a welcome gift with any PT Block or Package

Requires only a hair or nail sample. Results usually come back within 7 days. You will receive a report from the lab, including my own personalised summary and recommendations for what foods and liquids you are intolerant of, which are causing stress or weakness on your body. You'll also discover any deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, supplements, enzymes and fatty acids. I will explain your results to you, answer all of your questions, and offer on-going advice to help you address your intolerances & deficiencies.

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7 Day Interactive Meal Plan - £40
Including Personalised Macro-Nutrient & Calorie Report

Although included with any PT Block or Package, you may only be looking for a meal plan to use long side your current training, or just to follow in general. I will calculate your calories and macros based on your current age, weight, height, gender and through other factors such as how often you exercise, how active you are in general, and what your health & fitness goals are. It will factor your food preferences, and you'll be able to SWOP foods and more.

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7 Day Dietary Analysis - £45
with Feedback using the MyFitnessPal smart phone app

You will be required to record your food and drink intake as accurately and as truthuly as possible, using MyFitnessPal to search for your foods on their databse, or by simply scanning the barcode on your food packaging and entering the anount of each food/drink you had. Your diet should reflex your normal eating habits. I will give you feedback for changes to your diet, with improvements and recommendations to adopt a healthier way of living, link your diet to your fitness goals, improve energy and mood, and more. 

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