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Choosing the Personal Trainer right for you can be a challenge in itself, so it's no wonder people will often seek advice and recommendations from their friends who already have a Personal Trainer, or have had a Personal Trainer in the past.

How many times recently have you heard your friends, family or work colleagues say they want or are planning to start getting fit, or they are struggling in the gym?

How many times do your friends say they want to improve their health and diet?

If you refer someone to me, not only will you be doing them a big favour finding them a suitable Personal Trainer in Manchester to achieve their goals, but YOU will also benefit from your referral too!

You will BOTH receive a FULL 1 Hour PT Session worth £40

This offer is available to current and past clients. Please ensure you let me know who your referal is before they get in touch, or make sure they mention your name. Once they purchase a Block or Package of PT Sessions, both you and your friend will receive a Full 1 Hour PT Session.

Not currently training with me? You can still refer a friend to me. Just let me know before the person you referred contacts me, or ensure they mention your name, and upon purchase of their chosen Block or Package, you will both receive a Full 1 Hour PT Session. If you are not a member of The Gym Group Deansgate, I can provide a Guest Day Pass on your chosen training day.

Download A Promotional Poster 

And include your own unique Promotionl Code. For example, John Smith, could have a code of JS2020 or any code of your choice.Joe Bloggs LTD could have JBLTD2020. Just download the poster below, let me know your chosen code, and I will contact you each time anyone who uses that code to get a FREE PT Session with their first block or package. You can also 'right click' and 'save' the image, and share on social media along with your code and/or send the image with your code to friends on your phone etc.

Ideal for local community boards, workplace, shop windows, etc

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