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Refer A Friend

Yoga Team

Choosing the Personal Trainer right for you can be a challenge in itself, so it's no wonder people will often seek advice and recommendations from their friends who already have a Personal Trainer, or have had a Personal Trainer in the past.

How many times recently have you heard your friends, family or work colleagues say they want or are planning to start getting fit, or they are struggling in the gym?

How many times do your friends say they want to improve their health and diet?

If you refer someone to me, not only will you be doing them a big favour finding them a suitable Personal Trainer in Manchester to achieve their goals, but YOU will also benefit from your referral too!

You will receive

if your friend goes on to purchase a PT Block or Package

They will receive

upon the completion of their chosen block or package

If you are training with me 3 times per week, and refer someone to me, you would receive 6 PT Sessions FREE (worth £300!).

If you referred someone different once a fortnight, you could potentially train with me for FREE!

This offer is available to current and past clients. Please ensure you let me know who your referal is before they get in touch, or make sure they mention your name. Once they purchase a Block or Package of PT Sessions, both you and your friend will receive a Full 1 Hour PT Session.

If you would like a professional referral poster / flyer designing (very easy for me to do), let me know, and I can send you a poster/flyer design to print out. Or if you don't have a printer, but would like some printing out, I can provide these for you. This can be ideal for your work place notice boards, or if you would like a GRAPHIC to add to your social media or work intranet let me know too. I will know your referral has come from you as I will add a unique promo code to the design. For example Sophie2022 or PT20222 or 1WEEKFREEPT, etc, that's a code unique to only you..

Not currently training with me, and not one of my past clients? 
If you've not yet trained with me yet, but would like to help me promote my Personal Training services, perhaps with a poster at your work place, or graphic on your social media, etc, get in touch. As I mentioned above, I will use a promo code unique to you (you can choose it if you prefer, for example COOPPT, POLICEPT, ASDAPT, etc).

The poster will offer 1 Week of Personal Training FREE, upon the completion of their chosen block or package, using your promo code. You will receive 3 PT Sessions (worth £150) to use within 6 months. This includes free guest pass entry into the Gym Group Portland Street
 for those sessions. I will notify you whenever I receive a referral from someone who has used your discount code. You'll be able to use your sessions within 6 months of the code been used, giving you chance to even save up referred sessions. For example I receive 10 referrals from your code, you will have 30 PT Sessions saved up to use, and you won't have needed to spend a penny!

Submit Your Referral...

Or simply ensure they mention your name when they first enquire / before they book their first PT Session.

You can not refer someone if they have already started PT sessions with me, and they fail to mention your name, or you fail to let me know who they are before they get started, nor will they get 1 Week Free.

If you have used a Referral Poster, the offer will only be valid if they QUOTE YOUR REFERRAL CODE before they purchase their block or package. I will contact you each and every time someone uses your referral code.

Thanks! Your Referral has been received!

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