Refer a friend

Choosing the Personal Trainer right for you can be a challenge in itself, so it's no wonder people will often seek advice and recommendations from their friends who already have a Personal Trainer, or have had a Personal Trainer in the past.

How many times recently have you heard your friends, family or work colleagues

say they want or are planning to start getting fit, or they are struggling in the gym?

How many times do your friends say they want to improve their health and diet?

If you refer someone to me, not only will you be doing them a big favour finding them a suitable Personal Trainer to achieve their goals, but YOU will also benefit from your referral too!

In other words, I would like to give something back to you as a thank you for referring someone to me and allowing me to help them transform their body, health, fitness and mind.


Already training with me?

If your already on board and training regularly with me, and you refer a friend, family member or work colleague, or anyone who mentions you as their referee...

YOU will receive 1 FULL Personal Training Session worth £40

which will be added to your current block or package (or get your next session free if PAYG)

THEY will also receive 1 FULL Personal Training Session worth £40

added onto the end of their first block of package based on their number of sessions per week

(If they choose to pay session by session, they will receive their free session after their first month)

Referral promotion applied once they have made payment in full for either a Block of 10 or 20 Sessions

or a 12 Week Transformation Package - PAYG Sessions applied after their first month

Be sure they mention YOUR NAME to me before booking so you can both benefit

or simply tell me in person

Submit Your Referral Information Here

Or simply drop me a text, call or email to let me know who you would like to refer.

Be sure your referral mentions your name before/during their consultation or before their first PT session.

Referral Posters for your work or leisure notice boards, or referral vouchers to hand to your friends are available upon request

Referral posters or vouchers can have either your name as the referee or a code of your choice that I know is you when people use it or hand me a voucher with it on.