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Are you looking for a career in any of the Emergency Services?

You must be at a good physical fitness standard to meet the demands of the Emergency Services, which in many cases can involve a combination of strength, stamina and endurance both physically and mentally.



Perform a bleep test (MSFT) at Level 5 Shuttle 4, push 34kg and pull 35kg...

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Ladder climb, casualty evacuation, ladder lift, operate in an enclosed space....

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Demonstrate your cardiovascular fitness with a step & heart rate test, back strength, grip...


Endurance Shuttle Run

(Bleep Test / Multi-Stage Fitness Test)

You should be able to run to at least Level 5 Shuttle 4



Dynamic Strength Test

You should be able to Push 34kg and Pull 35kg. You will have 5 attempts to be able to do this.


You should prepare for the Police with a combination of fitness and endurance cardiovascular training to improve your fitness level, and engage in a regular strength / weight training programme for maxiumal musclar strength.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Servi

You will be required to pass the 6 National Fire Fighter Physical Tests


Ladder Climb

A test of confidence at height. Candidates must demonstrate the correct 'leg lack' at ground level before commencing the test. Wearing full Personal protective Equipment (PPE), including harness, candidates must ascend a fully extended 13.5 metre ladder to approximately second story height and demonstrate a 'leg lock'. The candidate will then be required to lean back with arms out stretched and describe a symbol shown on the floor. The candidate will then descend.


Casualty Evacuation

This is a test of lower and upper body strength. Candidates in full PPE will be required to drag a 55kg casualty walking backwards (guided by an assessor) around a 30-metre course.


Ladder Lift / Lower Simulation

Again, this is a test of lower and upper body strength. Candidates in full PPE wil be required to raise a bar 75cm off the ground to a height of 182cm and back down to the 75cm support. The weight of the bar at the lifting point will start at 5kg. The maximum load to be added is 15kg.


Enclosed Space

This is a test of confidence, agility and possible claustrophobia whilst working in an enclosed space. Candidates in full PPE and wearing a Breathing Apparatus facemask will be required to negotate a measured crawlway within a set time. Half the route will be with clear vision and the other half with obsured vision. You will be required to perform specific tasks during the test.


Equipment Assembly

This is a test of manual dexterity. Candidates will be required to assemble and disassemble an item of equipment and follow the colour coded diagrams provided.


Equipment Carry

This is a test of aerobic fitness, muscular strength and stamina. Candidates will be required to:

Drag a hose reel from an appliance for 25 metersm then jog back 25 meters

Pick Up and Carry 2 coiled 70mm hoses for 100 meters

Carry 1 coiled 70mm hose at chest height for 25 meters, and then jog back 75 meters

Pick Up and Carry a 2.4meter suction hose and basket strainer for 100 meters (weighing approximately 30kg)

Pick Up and Carry a simulated 'Light Portable Pump' for 100 meters (weighing approximately 30kg)

In each of the above tests you will be given instructions and will be required to complete them within a specific time


Aerobic Capacity


One minute of stepping up and down on a 30cm step in time to a metronome. This will be followed by one minute of chest compressions on a manikin. Your heart rate will be measured throughout this test every 30 seconds, wearing a heart rate monitor.

The candidate should not exceed 90% of their maximum heart rate value. This is calculated by the following formula (220-age) x 0.9 - If the candidates heart rate exceeds this value and looks as if the exercise is having a negative impact on the candidate the test will be stopped.

Following exercise the candidates heart rate should fall. It's expected that the heart rate should fall by 12 beats a minute over the 2 minute rest period. If this fails to happen the candidate will not pass the aerobic test assessment and will be advised to seek further assessment from a Doctor.

Your heart rate should drop below 120 beats per minute by the end of your 2 minute rest period.

Back Strength

You will be required to achieve a lower back pull of 100kg using a machine.



Grip Strength

You must achieve a grip strength of 31kg in your dominant hand and 30kg in your non-dominant hand




You will be tested on hamstring and lower back flexibility. This will be performed by sitting on the floor with your legs straight and being asked to touch your toes. Instructions will be provided.