Gym Group Deansgate Manchester City Centre

Located in the Great Northern Warehouse next to the Odeon Cinema, on Level 3.

When looking for a Personal Trainer in Manchester City Centre, there will be many factors you may wish to consider. One of those will be where your PT sessions and your own training will take place.

The Gym Group Deansgate is one of the largest and best equipped gyms in Manchester City Centre, with daily exercise classes, a dedicated ladies only area, large functional rig, big weights area with dumbbells up to 60kg pairs, barbell area with olympic lifting platforms, dedicated spin studio, large class studio, discounted on-site NCP car-parking right outside the entrance, and so much more.

The Gym Group Deansgate is a perfect location within Manchester City Centre, located in the Great Northern Warehouse on Deansgate, with Deansgate/Castlefield Metrolink and St Peters Square Metrolink, just around the corner, along with many other great transport links, including buses, and the free metroshuttle link bus service.

The Gym Group Deansgate Weights Area
The Gym Group - Functional Area 1
The Gym Group - Resistance Machines 1
The Gym Group - Barbell Area 2
The Gym Group - Barbell Area
The Gym Group - Resistance Machines 2
The Gym Group - Bench Press Area
The Gym Group - Cable Benches
The Gym Group - Cable Crossovers
The Gym Group - Freestyle Leg Press
The Gym Group - Fixed Barbells
The Gym Group - Personal Training Platforms
The Gym Group - Cable Machines
The Gym Group - Resistance Machines 3
The Gym Group - Spin Studio
The Gym Group - Diverse Smith Machines
The Gym Group - Cardio 3
The Gym Group - Cardio 2
The Gym Group - Functional Area 2
The Gym Group - Cardio 1
The Gym Group - Seating Area
The Gym Group Deansgate Map

Gym Group Features

Very Large Gym & Lot's Of Equipment
Plenty of space all around the gym to workout, with so much kit that you will always be able to get on things even things.

Large Class Studio
Including punch bag, monkey bars, and various other bits of equipment you can use. Classes take place in here, and you are welcome to use it anytime outside of the classes too.

Dedicated Spin Studio
A second studio dedicated to Spin, with a selection of standard spiin bikes, and also the advanced lean-to core bikes which move left or right as you tilt either side.

Sled Track / Prowler

Large Free-Weights Area
Including dumbbells up to 60kg pairs, and a large selection of benches, fixed barbells, several cable machines and many other pieces of kit.

Large Barbell Area
A number of barbell stations including flat, incline and decline, olymptic lifting platforms, squat racks, smith machines, dynamic smith machines and other bits of kit.

Several Resistance Machines
There are tons of resistance machines to choose from to train your whole body, with a large variety to choose from, and many different variations of each exercise.

Functional Rig
The QueenAx rig was the first large functiuonal rig of its kind to be installed in a gym in Manchester back in 2013. Since then other gyms have tried to match it with smaller rigs which don't compare to the large QueenAx rig, including standard monkey bars, ranging height monkey bars, functional equipment, all located in a dedicated functional fitness area.

Ladies Only Area
If you are female, The Gym Group Deansgate is one of the only gyms in Manchester City Centre to have it's own dedicated ladies only area, with a selection of resistance machines, cardio machines, benches, weights and more.

Cardiovascular Area
A large range of cardio equipment including treadmills, cross trainers, standard bikes, recumbent bikes, spin bikes, hand bike, stairmasters, verse climber, and rowers.

Large Lockers
There are large lockers in the changing rooms, with plenty of space to hang up your clothes / work clothes. All you need is a padlock, which are also available from the vending machines. Additional smaller lockers are also available in the gym reception area.

Showers & Hair Dryers
The obvious essentials you need for after your workout, just remember to bring a towel and some toiletries with you.

Electrolyte Flavoured Water
This is an optional add-on to your membership you can choose to add to your membership for YENGA flavoured water, containing magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium to effectively fuel your workouts.

And much much more...

The Gym Group - Resistance Machines 2.jpg
The Gym Group - Cable Benches.jpg
The Gym Group Deansgate Weights Area.JPG


The Gym Group

253 Deansgate

Great Northern Warehouse

(Level 3)


M3 4EN

The Gym Group - Functional Area 1.jpg
The Gym Group - Cardio 1.jpg
The Gym Group - Diverse Smith Machines.jpg

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