Food Intolerance Testing

Discover what Foods & Drinks are causing problems with your body which manifest themselves as a either a health issue with your body, or prevent you from getting results in the gym...

Do you ever experience...

Bloated & Wind - Stomach Cramps - Digestive Pains - Diarrhoea - Constipation

Skin Problems / Eczema - Brittle Nails - Bruise Easily - Sleep Problems - Muscle Cramps

Muscles Aches & Pains - Vision Problems - Sinus Problems - Allergies - Low Energy

And these are just to name a few...

What is a Food Intolerance Test?

A Food Intolerance and Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency Test will analysis will show you what foods and drinks your body is intolerant too, giving you an idea of what foods you should be avoiding in your diet, which are causing your body stress, and also what foods you should reduce, which are weakening your body.

The test is performed by sending off a Hair or Nail sample for analysis. The results usually come back within a week. You will be provided with...

  • Food Intolerances

  • Vitamin Deficiencies

  • Mineral Deficiencies

  • Fatty Acid Deficiencies

  • Amino Acid Deficiencies

  • Enzyme Deficiencies

You will not only receive a detailed report from your Hair/Nail analysis, but I will personally also create and write you up an easy to read interpretation of your results, so you can see very clearly what foods you should avoid, what foods you should reduce, and also all the deficiencies you are lacking in your diet.

No more guess work! I can walk you into any health store, like Holland & Barrett, and I can justify and give you benefits for taking almost every supplement in there. There are hundreds of supplements and products. This test will allow to know exactly what your body needs and is lacking.

Why do we have or develop Food Intolerances?

The majority of people these days have intolerance's to different foods. They could very well be foods that you know are healthy and good for you... however for some reason they don't always agree with you.

Food intolerance's can be caused by a variety of different reasons. One common reason is that you were never introduced to that type of food when you were an infant. Some recent research (2017) for example has suggested that we should introduce babies to peanuts as early as possible in life, to avoid peanut allergies and severe eczema. Check out the BBC News article by clicking here...

One of my food intolerance's are mushrooms. As a Nutritionist, I understand why, as I always used to avoid mushrooms growing up as a kid and would never dare try one. So how could my body have developed the enzymes necessary to break down and digest mushrooms?

Just because you didn't try a certain food when you were younger however, does not necessarily mean you've not got the enzyme needed to break it down. We produce a lot more of some enzymes compared to others.

There are approximately 75,000 enzymes thought to exist in the human body, however some maybe be produced in lesser quantities than others if we are not used to eating a certain food very often.

" Food Intolerances are not the same as a Food Allergy "

A true food allergy causes an immune system reaction that affects numerous organs in the body. It can range in symptoms. In some cases, an allergic reaction to a food can be severe or life-threatening. In contrast, food intolerance symptoms are generally less serious and often limited to digestive problems, although can manifest themselves in other ways.

Another cause of a Food Intolerance is when we consume too much of a certain food. Our bodies may be able to handle small amounts of that food or drink, but not a large regular amount.

A classic example is when someone starts going to the gym, and they start buying protein shakes. Normally the only milk they might consume would be a little splash on their cereal at breakfast time, and occasionally a small amount on their tea or coffee. The occasional class of milk, or milk shake most likely would never have a negative effect, or anything like ice cream that contains milk. This might add up to around 300ml per day or less...

...then they get a protein shake, which recommends two scoops of protein powder with 500ml of milk, both before and after a workout, and sometimes maybe a 3rd shake at some point in the day. A sudden increase like this, which could be 4-5 times more than usual is too much for the body to handle, and your body can't produce enough of the enzyme (lactase) needed to breakdown the sugars (lactose) in all that milk... which result in unpleasant symptoms.

" Would it not make sense for you to at least know what foods and drinks will negatively affect your body?"

It's worth knowing what foods and drinks you should be avoiding, or at the very least try and reduce from your diet. They may be foods and drinks you enjoy, but don't worry, you may only need to cut them out or reduce them for a short period of time while your body recovers. But too much of your intolerant foods consumed on a regular basis can and will cause problems.

How To Book Your Food Intolerance Test

Payment can be made online below, via bank transfer or you can pay cash to me directly if you prefer.

All I will need from you is your namedate of birthgender, and contact details.

And most important of all, a few strands of hair or a few nail clippings.

OPTION 1 - Drop Your Sample Off In Person & Get Your Results/Report Back in Person with Discussion

If you are able to see me in person, you can give me your hair or nail sample in person at The Gym Group on Deansgate, or where ever you are likely to see me. This is a great option as I can go through your report with you in detail in person if you like. I'll also ensure your report is printed out, along with a summary report that some people like to pin up on their fridge.

For members of The Gym Group, Deansgate, Manchester, I'll be in the gym most week days, or you can leave your

sample in an envelope in the gym office and/or post/address to:

Ben Malton PT, The Gym Group, 253 Deansgate, The Great Northern Building, Manchester, M3 4EN


Please speak with me to arrange payment to hand to me in person, or arrange for a bank transfer or PayPal payment when leaving your sample in the gym office, addressed to me as above. Or you can hand me your payment with hair/nail sample to me in person.

OPTION 2 - Receive a Sample Pack & Return Envelope in the Post, and I will also Post you your Full & Summary Report

If you are not local to Manchester, or are unlikely to see me in person, once you have made payment, be sure to let me know your address and I will send you a sample pack. Alternatively you can put you hair and nail sample in a snap-bag/freezer bag/plastic wallet and send it straight to me to save time. Once I receive your results I will immediately post a print out of your report, with instructions and my own summary and recommendations to you. 


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Food Intolerance Test

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All of the above is included in your Consultation. We will then book your 1 Hour Personal Training session for 1-2 weeks ahead or whenever is best for you. where I can provide you with your Food Intolerance Test Results, and provide you with a Printed Report & Personalised Summary with advice where needed. We will engage in a 1 Hour Personal Training Session tailored to your specific goals and preferences, and you will walk away with a Personalised Fitness Programme you can follow, with advice and support available from me there-after.

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