Deep Tissue Sports Massage

What is a Sports Massage?

A sports massage is more invigorating than a standard ‘relaxation’ style massage and the goal is to prepare, treat and maintain the athlete. It is geared towards athletes, although anyone who works out can benefit from this. If you have poor posture from being sat down at a desk/PC or stand up for long periods of time, you will also benefit

1 x 1 Hour - £40

2 x 1 Hour - £70 (Save £10)

3 x 1 Hour - £90 (Save £30)

6 x 1 Hour - £160 (Save £80)

All of the above include a Posture Analysis & Correction

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1 Hour                         2 Hours                         3 Hours                         6 Hours

Sports Massage can be broken down into 3 main groups...



Quick, energetic techniques are used to enhance an athlete’s warm up. This will increase circulation, stimulate the muscles and increase flexibility and range of motion. This reduces muscle p[ain and soreness and preps the athlete for their performance.

Post Event

A more calming technique is used to aid muscles in returning to their natural state. This can also bring the athlete down from the adrenaline of performing. Circulation is increased to aid in elimination of toxins to prevent muscle soreness, fatigue and spasms.


This uses different techniques to aid an athlete throughout their training. Myofacial release, neuromuscular therapy, orthopaedic sports and PNF stretching all help to keep the athlete in top shape. Some techniques are used to aid during certain injuries as well.

30 Minute Sports Massage - £30

60 Minute Sports Massage  - £40

90 Minute Sports Massage - £60

Location / How it Works

Most of my hours are spent training people on a 121 basis at Lifestyle Fitness. There are two locations you can have your Sports Massage, which can be either at the gym, or if you would prefer more privacy, or if its easier for you, at my home in Ancoats.

Lifestyle Fitness - At the gym I usually set the table up in the studio. Although the studio is often empty, members are allowed to enter to use the punch bags and space available. We will be well out of their way. Due to the nature of Sports Massage, i.e. not your typical 'relaxation/sensual' style massage. An area of the studio can be curtained off for a little more privacy if you wish. Because I am at the gym most of the time, I will be able to offer you more time slots compared to what I can offer you at home.

Home Ancoats - To avoid travelling back and forth from the gym, I will usually try to arrange Sports Massages at my home either before I go to the gym, or at the end of my working day which is often late evening. I set the table up in my living room, and compared to a gym studio, it will be a more peaceful environment, with privacy as no one else will be there.

I can travel to you, providing it is either close to a metro-link tram stop, or you are local to Manchester City Centre.

There is a £10 charge per massage (covers distance/travel time) if I am required to travel to you with equipment.




30 minutes - £30

60 minutes - £40

90 minutes - £60

New Loyalty Scheme

1st Sports Massage - Normal Rate

Your 1st Sports Massage within a 30 day period is charged at my normal rate. For example, 1 hour would be £40.

2nd Sports Massage - £5 OFF

You will receive £5 OFF your 2nd Sports Massage within a 30 day period. For example, your 2nd 1 hour would only be £35 instead of £40.

3rd Sports Massage - £10 OFF

You will receive £10 OFF your 3rd Sports Massage within a 30 day period. For example, your 3rd 1 hour would only be £30 instead of £40.

4th Sports Massage - £15 OFF

You will receive £15 OFF your 4th Sports Massage within a 30 day period. For example, your 4th 1 hour would only be £25 instead of £40.