Deep Tissue Sports Massage in Manchester City Centre

Limited Availability

I am available for Deep Tissue Sports Massage in Manchester City Centre at the GSquared Health Club in the Royal Exchange Arcade. Please note that my availability is limited as primarily work full time Monday-Friday as a Personal Trainer at GSquared.

I also provide advanced posture assessments & corrective exercise solutions for improving posture and correcting muscle imbalances, and getting to the route cause of any aches & pains you may be experiencing.

You are welcome to book a Sports Massage on its own, but in many cases it is useful to have your posture assessed too to identify what is causing your aches and pains, and learn corrective exercise & stretch techniques you can do at home (and/or the gym) to resolve your aches and pains, as they will likely return through poor posture and incorrect exercise techniques.

What is a Deep Tissue Sports Massage?

Sports Injury

A sports massage is more invigorating than a standard 'relaxation' style massage and the goal is to prepare, treat and maintain the athlete. It is geared towards athletes, although anyone who regularly works out in the gym or exercises will benefit from this.

Some of my more common massage clients are those who suffer back pains from a poor posture being sat down at a desk/PC or who stand up for long periods of time. I also help releif sciatic pains often caused by tight muscles putting uneccessary pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing pain and numbness.

Sports Massage can be broken down into 3 main groups...


Quick, energetic techniques are used to enhance an athlete’s warm up. This will increase circulation, stimulate the muscles and increase flexibility and range of motion. This reduces muscle p[ain and soreness and preps the athlete for their performance.

Post Event

A more calming technique is used to aid muscles in returning to their natural state. This can also bring the athlete down from the adrenaline of performing. Circulation is increased to aid in elimination of toxins to prevent muscle soreness, fatigue and spasms.


This uses different techniques to aid an athlete throughout their training. Myofacial release, neuromuscular therapy, orthopaedic sports and PNF stretching all help to keep the athlete in top shape. Some techniques are used to aid during certain injuries as well.

Prices & Packages

30 minute Sports Massage £30

60 minute Sports Massage £50

90 minute Sports Massage £70

Get 5 x 60 minute Sports Massages for the price of 4 - £200 (save £50)

Advance Payments Only
To avoid no-show's, in order to secure your sports massage booking, your payment should be made in advance. You can either purchase from my website shop, or if you prefer, make a bank transfer.

If you fail to show up to your Sports Massage, you will forfeit your sports massage fee, and you will need to make a further payment if you wish to rebook.

If you do need to reschedule your day/time, just give me at least 24 hours notice and I can swop your booking to another day or tiime for you.

Please get in touch before making payment, so ensure I have availability to book you in, as I also work as a full time GSquared Personal Trainer.