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Holistic Review

Book your Holistic Health Review with Ben Malton Personal Training

available at the Gym Group Portland Street in Manchester City Centre - Free Guest Pass Entry included


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What is a Holistic Review?

The Holistic Review, is a series of non-invasive assessments which evaluates your health & wellness, assesses your posture and identifies any muscular or flexibility imbalances.

We'll start with a Health Appraisal Questionnaire, which scores you in 7 different areas of your health & wellness, including what you eat, when you eat, digestive health, fungus & parasites, circadian health, stress and detoxification.

Static Plumb Line Assessment - I will observe your posture from the anterior (front), posterior (back) and bi-lateral (both sides) view points in relation to the plumb line to identify where various landmarks of your body are, which will give me a clear indication of any potential tight muscles or potential causes of current or future aches or pains.

Overhead Squat Analysis - You will be asked to perform an overhead squat (I'll show you how to do this) and I will be observing the way your body moves throughout the squat motion. When observing you from the anterior, posterior and bi-lateral view points, I'll be able to identify any additional muscles which may be tight / overactive, or even weak / underactive.

Spine Assessment - Using a special measuring device, I will be measuring 3 points of your spine, to find out the angle of your thoracic (upper) and lumbar (lower) spinal curve. This will conclude whether you have hyper-kyphosis (increased upper curve) or hypo-lordosis (reduced lower curve / flat back). Equally it could be the other way around, with a lesser thoracic curve, or an increased lumbar curve. We can then look at solutions to correct this, which will improve your exercise techniques, and resolve current or future aches & pains, as well as improve your overall posture.

Additional Assessments - If needed I may also choose to perform some additional assessments, tailored to you and your goals. For example if you have any specific aches or pains, such as sciatica, and I may perform some examples of some corrective exercise & stretching techniques.

What happens after my Holistic Review?

Doctor's Visit

Once your Holistic Review has been completed, I will summerise with you my findings, show you how effective corrective exercises and corrective stretches will be for you, and write you up a report and email this over to you.

You will be presented with various any issues with your health, wellness & nutrition, and also your physical posture (tight muscles, weak muscles, muscle imbalances, etc), and anything else I pick up on the way. You will then have two options. You can either address these issues on your own without any guidance (which usually leads to you not fixing anything yourself or not commiting to resolving the issues effectively, or procrastination these fixes)...

Or what I would recommend, would be to get started on a Holistic Fitness, Health & Nutrition package, which combines tailored fitness programmes to address your specific goals, with specific corrective exercises & corrective stretches to fix any muscular / posutral imbalances & movement dysfunctions. I will also work with you to improve your scores on your health appraisal questionnaire. All of this, and more, will be inlcuded in any 121 Personal Training Block or Package, and within my Online Personal Training programmes.

Who is the Holistic Review for?

Anyone who is serious about making some significant improvements to their health, wellness, fitness and nutrition.

Whether you have got lingering aches & pains in your muscles and/or joints, skin issues/flare ups, digestive issues, mood/emotional troubles, anxiety, depression, brain fog, high stress levels, poor quality sleep & other sleep issues, anger/frustration, all of these and so much more can be addressed from a Holistic Approach to your health & fitness.

Just to clarify, this is not a standard Personal Training approach! As a Chek Practitioner, I will be taking an advanced look into your health & wellness, rather than just blasting loads of exercises at you in the gym. Exercise has it's part for sure, but we need to get you healthy on the inside as well as the outside, and also healthy mentally & emotionally.

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