Military Fitness

Are you looking for a career in any of the Armed Forces,

including Army, Navy, Air Force or Special Forces?


With experience training with the British Parachute Regiment, I will guide you through the most effective ways to increase your fitness to pass and exceed the minimum fitness requirements needed to get into your chosen regiment.


You will be shown ways to maximise your strength, fitness, endurance, speed and stamina, whilst also receiving inside tips on what you can expect when it comes to fitness training in the army, and how to get through each fitness test with ease. You can view the entry standards for each military unit below, with the SAS standards included for those wanting a challenge...

British Army

You must pass a bleep test, situp and pressup test within two minutes, a static lift, jerry can test and a 1.5 mile run...

British Parachute Regiment

Perform a 1.5mile run in under 9min 40sec (times vary), run 4 miles around the Catterick Garrison training area, 50 press ups in under 2 minutes, 50 sit ups in under 2 minutes and 7 pull ups.

Royal Air Force

Press ups, Sit ups and a Bleep Test (Multi-Stage Fitness Test) with various times/scores based on age and gender. MSFT Audio files included...

Royal Navy

Perform a 2.4km run within a specific time, Press ups, Sit ups, Shuttle Runs, Swim Test and demonstrations of physical strength...

Special Air Service (SAS)

Serve a minimum of 3 years in a regular unit, Endurance Training, Jungle Training, Escape & Evation & Tactical Questioning, and a final Probation Period...

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Perform a 1.5 mile run in under....


Para Senior Entry - 9:40 min

Para Junior Entry - 10:00 min

Para Reservist - 10:30 min

Infantry - 12:45 min

Combat Support - 13:15 min

Combat Service Support - 14:00 min

Junior Entry - 14:30 min


You are no longer required to perform sit-up, press up and pull up tests...

However you should train for these as they will be included in your basic training, so make sure you can do them!


You must be able to lift and carry upto 40kg for a distance of upto 120m

Some regiments have lower requirements, however you should train yourself to be strong enough for the highest standard.

Perform a 1.5 mile run in under....


Para Senior Entry - 9:40 min

Para Junior Entry - 10:00 min

Para Reservist - 10:30 min


You should be able to run 4 miles...

You'll be expected to run a 4 mile steady, but squadded familiarisation run around the Catterick Garrison training area.

This will include various types of terrain, including hills.


Press Ups - Sit Ups - Pull Ups

Minimum of 50 press ups in two minutes - 50 sit ups in two minutes - 7 upper body pullups/heaves



The Parachute Regiment are by far the fittest and most elite regiment in the British Military. From first hand experience going through the vigourous training neeeded to become a Paratrooper I strongly recommend you don't just meet the fitness requirements for the regiment, but exceed their standards, so you can pass the fitness tests with ease. You should be confident and strong enough to do far more repetitions than that required. Don't plan on just scraping through!


I will train you to the fitness and strength standards required by the Paras


These figures are based on 17-29 year olds and may be less for younger/older applicants.

What ever your age, I strongly recommend you aim to be at the fitest of all scores, as listed below...

Aim to achieve not just a 'Pass' but an 'Excellent Score' with the Top Scores



You will be required to perform best effort (as many as you can) within one minute.

Males should aim for between 20-39. Females should aim for between 10-19.

Quality repetitions are essential rather than quantity.

Top Scores: Males 60+   Females 30+



You will be required to perform best effort (as many as you can) within one minute.

Males should aim for between 35-40. Females should aim for between 32-37.

Quality repetitions are essential rather than quantity.

Top Scores: Males 55+   Females 52+


Bleep Test (Multi-Stage Fitness Test)

The level you are required varies depending on your age and gender.

Males should aim for a minimum of Level 11 Shuttle 6. Females should aim for a minimum of Level 8 Shuttle 6.

Top Scores: Males Level 15 Shuttle 4+   Females Level 11 Shuttle 6+


RAF MSFT: Intro Audio File

RAF MSFT: Bleep Test Audio File


Perform a 2.4km run on a treadmill at a local fitness centre


Age 15-24 - Males 11min 09secs - Females 13min 10secs

Age 25-29 - Males 11min 33secs - Females 13min 37secs

Age 30-34 - Males 11min 58sec - Females 14min 05secs

Age 35-39 - 12min 23secs - Female 14min 33secs


These are also the same times required when performing the test at the Royal Navy Fitness Centre



Males 23+   Females 17+



Males 39+   Females 29+


Shuttle Run

You will be required to run 5 shuttles of 55 meters in a gymnasium/sports hall

Males should aim for under 59 seconds - Females should aim for under 72 seconds


Swim Test

To pass the swimming test, you will be required to jump into deep water wearing overalls

Tread water for two minutes - Then swim 50 meters - and climb out at the deep end


You may also be required to demonstrate physical strenth

So be sure to prepare your body and follow a full body strength/weight training programme


Special Air Service (SAS)

Typically you will be required to serve a minimum of 3 years with a regular military unit to apply for selection with 22SAS

About 10 people out of an intake of 125 candidates will pass


Phase 1 - Endurance

A combination of endurance, fitness and navigation, takiing place in the Brecon Beacons and Black Hills of South Wales.

The Long Drag is a 40 mile tab/route carrying a 55lb bergen in less than 24 hours.

The Fan Dance is a 24km tab/route up Pen Y Fan carrying a 40lb bergen with rifle and water.


Phase 2 - Jungle Training

This takes place deep in the Belze Jungles where you will learn how to survive and patrol in these areas

You will be required to survive on rations in patrols of 4 for several weeks behind enemy lines.


Phase 3 - Escape & Evasion & Tactical Questionning

This is a 3 day trek across the land wearing World War 2 vintage coats with instructions to naviate between different way points, whilst been hunted by a force of other soldiers. Tactical Questioning involves interrogation and the ability to resist interrogation under intense mental and physical fatigue


Probation Period

Even after successful completion of all 3 phases, this may not guarentee you a pass mark with the SAS, although many will become newly badged members of the SAS. Others will be returned to unit (RTU'd).