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Training in YOUR home

If you are looking for sessions in the comfort of your own home and are local to the Manchester City Centre area within a 5-10 minute walk from the Hilton Tower or you are in the New Isslington / Ancoats area, home training could be an option for you.

You don't need any equipment to have a fun and effective workout, and any equipment you do have can be incorporated into your workout.

PT Equipment can also be brought to your home, including boxing pads & gloves, TRX suspension system, resistance bands, weighing scales, tape & body fat calipers.

If you are looking to purchase some equipment, I would recommend some dumbbells and an exercise matt.

Outdoor Personal Training in Manchester City Centre and local surrounding areas is available depending on availabilty. I am also available for Personal Training at The Gym Group on Deansgate.

Apartment & Hotel Gyms in Manchester City Centre

If you would rather train at your apartment gym, rather than join a separate gym, this could be an option for you for Personal Training sessions. The same applies if you are staying at a hotel/apartment hotel which has a gym.

Please note that can only train you if you are in the immediate area (walking distance) of Manchester City Centre (St Anns Square), as I will need to factor in how long it takes me to walk to and from your location.

You may need permission for a Personal Trainer to come to your apartment / hotel gym to train you, so be sure to seek permission from the relevant management before booking your PT sessions.