Home Personal Training Manchester City Centre

Training in YOUR home

If you are looking for sessions in the comfort of your own home and are local to the Manchester City Centre area within a 5-10 minute walk from the Hilton Tower or you are in the New Isslington / Ancoats area, home training could be an option for you.

You don't need any equipment to have a fun and effective workout, and any equipment you do have can be incorporated into your workout.

PT Equipment can also be brought to your home, including boxing pads & gloves, TRX suspension system, resistance bands, weighing scales, tape & body fat calipers.

If you are looking to purchase some equipment, I would recommend some dumbbells and an exercise matt.

Personal Trainer's Home

Another option is to train with at your Personal Trainer's home in Ancoats. Here you will benefit from interchangeable dumbbells from 5kg - 32.5kg per dumbbell, boxing pads & gloves, resistance bands, medicine balls, body measuring equipment, TRX suspension system, pull up bar, gravity bars, foam rollers and more.

The location is a 2 minute walk from New Isslington Metrolink on Great Ancoats Street.

However if you can make it for sessions at The Gym Group on Deansgate do try, as there is so much more equipment and training options available, more availability and you'll be able to access the gym and classes outside your PT sessions too.

Coronavirus Update

Last Updated Wednesday 13th May 2020

In the latest Government update, OUTDOOR PERSONAL TRAINING is now available, providing social distancing (2 meters) rules are applied and the recommended hygeine protocols are followed. This latest update includes unlimited outdoor exercise, and also been able to meet other people from outside your household, keeping 2 meters apart. This means you can now get started with Personal Training sessions outside. PT Sessions will be available locally around the Manchester City Centre areas and local parks.