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The first thing I would recommend would be to get in touch, and tell me a little about your goals. This could include what you are looking to achieve, a brief overview of your diet, what if anything you are already doing exercise wise, etc.

It would also be very handy to know what days/times you are available to train, as some time periods are much busier than others.

Please include any questions you have too. You can use the form below, or send me a direct email, or text/whatsapp or call me...


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Please check my availability page (calendly) before booking using the link below...

Looking for Evening Sessions?

Please contact me directly for evening sessions. My Calendly often won't show any available evening slots until Sunday evening (if there are any), as I need to prioritise booking my current clients in for their evening sessions first, as some of my clients evening sessions change week by week so I need to prioritise booking them in weekly.


By Sunday evening after I have done my bookings for the week ahead, any available slots will usually show.


For more accurate update please get in touch with me, as I will also be able to tell you if there are any up coming evening slots that may become available in the near future if someone is planning to come to the end of their training blocks/packages

Can't see your preferred days/times?

If you can't find any available slots on the days or times you are wanting to train, first check a few weeks ahead, as often the current week is usually booked up. If you still can't see any times, just get in touch, as I will be able to give you a rough idea of when your prefferred times become available.

You are also welcome to let me know your preferred days/times so that when they do become free, I can let you know the moment they become available.

You can either book through the links above, or by contacting me directly.

Book in for a Free Consultation

A Free Consultation is a great opportunity for you to meet me, discuss your goals in more detail, and take a look around The Gym Group on Deansgate, located in the Great Northern Warehouse, next to the Odeon Cinema.

You'll also receive an optional body composition analysis and posture assessment.

It's very relaxed and informal, and is your chance to discuss your requirements and ask any questions you like. There is no obligation to get started after your consultation, and you'll be able to take away more information about personal training and also a copy of your body composition results with you.

You'll also have the option to book your first sessions straight away if your keen to get started as soon as possible, or book some advanced dates.

Alternatively you can fill out my Online Consultation form which I've created to ask many of the questions I would ask in a 121 consultation...

Book Your PT Sessions...

Once you are ready to get started, please take a look at my availability on my bookings page below and let me know what days & times you are free to train. Or if you can't find your preferred times, please let me know all days and times you are available to train.

If the same day and time is available every week, I can reserve this as your day(s) and time(s) every single week. They are not set in stone, so can be changed, rescheduled or cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

You are welcome to book your sessions in your Free Consultation, or by dropping me a text/whatsapp message or calling me if you prefer.

You can also view my Prices, Blocks & Packages below...

Payments can be made by Cash or Bank Transfer

For card payments please ask

(only if you can't pay by cash or bank transfer)

Other Useful Information


PT Sessions

Please get in touch if you would like PT sessions that are not based in at The Gym Group Deansgate. For example outdoors, at your home, or if you have an apartment complex residential gym or hotel gym.


Sessions outside of The Gym Group Deansgate are dependent on my availability, your training location, and how long/easy it is for me to get to within the city centre area.

Gym Group


Opening Hours

Mon-Thurs: 06:00 - 22:00

Fri: 06:00 - 21:00

Sat & Sun: 08:00-20:00

Gym Group


Quiet Times




Gym Location

The Gym Group

253 Deansgate

Great Northern Warehouse

Level 3, Manchester

M3 4EN

Gym Directions

The Gym Group Deansgate is located in the Great Northern Warehouse, next to the Odeon Cinema. You'll find the Great Northern across the road from the Hilton / Beetham Tower. From the other side, you'll see it opposiite the Albert Hall.

Simply enter the building from any direction, and head up to the Cinema Level (Platza). Walk towards the Odeon Cinema. As you look at the Odeon Cinema entrance, you'll see to the right of it a big blue sign saying the Gym Group. Just pop down the lift/stairs one level to Level 3, and you will immediately see the gym entrance.

Car Directions

Drive towards the Hilton / Beetham Tower. Depending on which direction you are coming from, turn into the side road (Great Bridgewater Street) which is in front of the Hilton. Then turn onto Watson Street. Keep going until the mini round about, taking the first exit (turning left).

It's a tight corner into the Great Northern NCP Car Park, so veer out to the right lane in order to turn left into the car park.

There are no barriers in place. A photo of your car and reg is taken on ther way in and out, and your registration added to thhe system. In order to pay for your parking, you will need to use the pay machines on the ground level (Level 2) by the lifts. Be sure to remember to do this, to avoid a parking fine, and use the code I give you to get a significant discount.


The gym is located up one level on Level 3 (as you come in on Level 2, drive right to the end, turn right, then right again, then you'll see the right turn taking you up to Level 3. Or you can park on level 2 if you prefer.

Gym Group



Special Client Rate


No Joining Fee

No Contract

Gym Group

Guest Passes

Please ask for details

Some Ideas Of

What To Bring

With You


for your locker

Towel & Toiletries

if you want a shower


Water Bottle

to stay hydrated

Bank Card

for car parking

Comfortable Clothing

that you feel comfortable exercising in, and appropriate trainers you can exercise in (not shoes, boots, heels, etc)

Sweat Towel

Optional, blue roll is available


If you have fitness watches or gadgets feel free to bring them to track your progress. If you have long hair, remember your hair bobbles if you feel your hair might get in the way. Consider weight lifting gloves if you find holding weights uncomfrotable on the hands. Consider chalk if your prone to a slippery grip. Feel free to ask about other accessory ideas.

Headpones & Music

If training on your own and you'd lke to listen to your own tunes. Please do not wear/listen to your music during your PT sessions (this may seem obvious, but some people oddly try!)

You can call or text me on

You can also email me at

Available for Personal Training in Manchester and also locally for Outdoor Personal Training in Manchester City Centre areas locally, depending on your preferred training location and my current availability.

Online Personal Training also available