121 LIVE Personal Training

Based in Manchester UK - Available Worldwide

This is the perfect option for anyone wanting help from a Personal Trainer in REAL-TIME LIVE from the comfort of your own home, or pretty much anywhere you are. 

This option is great for parents staying at home looking after their kids, those who work from home, and anyone who doesn't have nearby access to a gym or leisure centre, or for those who would rather not train in a gym.


You don't need any equipment to train from home. Any equipment you do have is a bonus, and can be incorporated into your LIVE Sessions. You'll also learn how you can use every day furniture around you to assist your training suchs as chairs, sofas, tables, broom handles, etc.

Current GYM Clients already with a Block or Package are welcome to use their existing PT sessions for LIVE 121 Personal Training Sessions, just contact me to book...

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Please contact me using the form below, the chat box or call/email me to arrange bookings. You can save time by filling out the below Consultation Form to let me know your goals & requirements before booking. We can also have a Phone or LIVE Video FREE Consultation too before you get started where I can answer your questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I can't make a session?

Just let me know at least 24 hours in advance, and I can reschedule your session to another time or day.

How do I access the LIVE sessions?

Typically they are through ZOOM, but can be over FaceTime, Skype or another platofrm if you prefer. You can acceess these via your Smart Phone or Tablet, or using a PC/Laptop with a web camera.

What happens if I am away?

If you need to miss your training due to illness, work or anything else, just let me know as far in advance as you need. I can also delay your next payment to account for this if needed.

Is there any other way to pay?

Yes, you can arrange to make a bank transfer each time your next payment is due if you prefer, or I can send you a PayPal invoice each time  your payment is due. If you are local, you can pay by Cash.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is yourself, a little bit of space, and either a smart phone, tablet or PC/Laptop with a camera. You won't need any equipment, although any you do have can be incorporated. I can also show you exercises using equipment, so you can try them at your gym.

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