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Sorry to see you go! I will unsubscribe you the first opportunity I get, which is typically in 24-48 hours. Thank you. Ben

Feel free to stay or

re-subscribe to my emails at any time

Simply reply to my email with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject box, and/or in the message box and I will remove you from my email list typically within 24-48 hours or sooner.

Sorry to see you go...

Unlike many companies, I don't like to constantly fill everyone's inbox with endless emails, with some companies sending several emails every single day - you'll only receive the occasional email from me, which will often contain either:


Seasonal Promotional Offer

My Latest Articles

Personal Training & Gym News

Exercise, Nutrition & Health Tips & Advice

You have received an email from me because you or someone using your email address has in the past made an enquiry about my Personl Training, Nutrition or Sports Massage services, either directly through my website, or through a 'Search for Local Services/Professionals' website where I have contacted you. Or you may very well have used my services in the past.

If you are no longer in need or interested in Personal Training, Nutrition or Sports Massage services, please feel free to unsubscribe at any time, and I wish you the best of success with your health & fitness in the future.

Kind regards

Ben Malton

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